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First Choice Moving And Storage-Allstate Movers- Florid Location


First Choice Moving And Storage-Allstate Movers- Florid
1419 East 4th Avenue
TampaFL 33605 USA

Contact Info

Toll Free: 877-668-3826
Phone: 813-863-6111
Fax: N/A

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No Photo Kami
July 22, 2018


Extremely professional

Their service were perfect. My guys were just wonderful! They were motivated the whole time! Everything was taken care of for me quickly and everyone I dealt with was courteous and professional. All of my things arrived safely and undamaged.

Origin : Las Vegas
Destination : Dallas

No Photo Rob
July 22, 2018


Exellent job!

A big thank you guys! They showed up right on time and hard at worked loading our furniture. They were very kind and smart at what they was doing If you need a great quality mover, just call them!

Origin : Miami FL
Destination : Millville DE

No Photo Sam
July 20, 2018


5 stars!

My move went really well! My crew arrived on time on pickup and delivery. There were no damages that I could find and it has been a month since I have unpacked and still no damages! Thank you so much for all the help.

Origin : Fremont
Destination : Chicago

No Photo Amanda
July 20, 2018


Thank you!

Thank you for your professional work! You handle all my needs well and I am going to use your services again! Thank you for everything!

Origin : Glendale
Destination : Dallas

No Photo C
September 8, 2015


bad experience

I was quoted about two to two and a half hours for a two bedroom apartment and lasted almost full the owner Rebecca did cut the price down because of issues that were involved in the move the guy decided at the last minute not to put together a wall unit that I was committed to supervisor was supposed to do a wall unit for me for additional on the side he backed out at the last minute on his commitment so I don't feel the very professional I don't think the comments regardingthe helper came in texting on his telephone during the duration of the move from start to finish I was in a verbal situation with my daughter and she the worker did not like what and how I was speaking to her and he got an attitude and started rubbing my property I had asked them because of a disability in my hand to bring the boxes in last and it became a huge issue. So they were not very accommodating with the fact they knew I had a disability in my hand. they took the feet off the couch and they never got put back on 2 weeks later they are still waiting here blah blah blah my sofa is slanted. the gentleman that was dropping my $200 printer from his waist hi I ask them to you know what that's my property take it easy and he threatens me and tells me what my attitude if I know better or I'll be sorry so I called and left a message on the answering machine and the company defeat never got put on from the supervisor the file cabinet drawer was never shot and things are missing they didn't lock it they didn't wrap it. I got told they know for sure that the drawers didn't come open but they were both sitting in the front seat of the truck. the individual dropping my property dropped my shredder and broke it. It is a drama session now getting them to do anything the owner Chris Francis and his wife Rebecca went to do a cheaper version from Staples I have $150 royal heavy duty shredder. She wanted to pick it up and definitely until they replaced it which is not going to work they have made a verbal contract to come in replace the shredder fix a feed and now there are issues because all of the sudden the staff said I was disrespectful. Coming to my home you're judging my situation with my daughter without knowing the whole story and my daughter is not a kid he's actually 20 looks like a kid. then you were lying to your supervisors to save your butt. I could really care less if this point but you know what they made a commitment to get ahold of me tonight and Wells guess what it didn't happen. not only that they're not going to replace the camera that went missing out of the file cabinet they did not close or rap. The owner Chris Hansen made a remark in a text message I should learn how to speak better especially to my daughter. It seems to me they're cheap because they hire the lpeople who can't get a job doing anything else.. , I

Origin : tampa fl
Destination : tampa fl

Quoted Price : $275.00
Actual Price : $360.00

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