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Required: $750,000
Year of Estd: 1/1/2009

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Jetstream Moving and Storage
9524 North Trask Street
tampaFL 33624 USA

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Phone: 813-961-6683
Fax: 813-265-6683

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No Photo Deborah
April 12, 2016

They were late, the price changed and ...

They told me one solid price, that would be it no more and it was way more than what they said it was. They were due between 9 and 10 in the morning and didn't get there until 1 in the afternoon because the truck caught fire on the way to the job. They said they had a big enough truck to move everything in one time, and we had to move half of the stuff ourselves.

Origin : Palm Harbor, FL
Destination : Tarpon Springs, FL

No Photo Jose
March 15, 2016

I wouldn't use them again, and I ...

On the way back to the storage where we anted to put the remaining stuff, they got lost. Every place we went, they got lost. It wasn't the drivers' fault, but the company didn't provide them with an exact address he was using his phone for information. The other thing is we went over the time and they wouldn't let me use a credit card. ... So I had to run to the bank and get cash for them.

Origin : Kissimmee, FL
Destination : Clearwater Beach, FL

No Photo Burton
March 3, 2016

They worked efficiently and put ...

They were there on time, they took almost exactly the time that the drivers that showed up estimated ... The time was as we expected. I had maybe one or two pieces of glass that got broken in the transfer. In my opinion they probably were loading some of their stuff a little too high, but it was minor stuff ... They put the stuff where I wanted it when they got it to my house and they worked very efficiently, they didn't sit around doing nothing.

Origin : Davenport, FL
Destination : Plant City, FL

No Photo Andrew
March 2, 2016

I really don't have any complaints.

It went well, they were professional, quick, clean and the quote was what I expected so I really don't have any complaints.

Origin : Heathrow, FL
Destination : Orange City, FL

No Photo Jovan
February 26, 2016

Never again

This company uses bait and switch tactics to get you to book your move. They give you a quote and time estimate over the phone, then the day they arrive they "realize" that it will take longer than they thought and leave you paying $140 or more over your quote, and if you want to cancel it's over $500 to do so. They offer free 30 day storage if you use their services, but when you try to retrieve your items on your own, they tell you that your aren't allowed and you must pay them $368 for delivery although the contract doesn't state you have to use them to redeliver your items. The only thing it states is that they charge a separate fee for re-delivery. I paid over $420 for them to move my 7 boxes, mattress

Origin : Tampa, Fl
Destination : Tampa, Fl

Quoted Price : $289.00
Actual Price : $425.00

No Photo Hilgenberg
February 17, 2016

good experience

We will recommend Jetstream whenever we can.Matt in the office was very understanding with our numerous delays and followed up with us every week.Rico and Brian were the moving guys,and they were very good, fast,efficient and professional..the extra cost over the estimate was understandable as we had several large glass tabletops and a china hutch that required special wrapping.We will not hesitate to use them again.

Origin : mount plymouth FL
Destination : the villages.FL.

Quoted Price : $541.00
Actual Price : $638.00

No Photo Ismael
February 8, 2016


The movers got there.. first they came way to early and they had to wait 1 to 2 hours for everything to get ready. I paid for a full-service move so I was told I wouldn't have to lift a finger because I paid for them to pack and move everything. I ended up packing literally like half of my apartment -- I packed the master bedroom, the closet, the bathroom -- I had cleaning ladies at my house ... and I had them pack up the kitchen. ... Either way, the moving company was very unprofessional ... these guys were a whole other category. Cursing and complaining the whole time. .. One of them was professional, let me be clarify and he was complaining about the gentlemen he was with and the company itself saying the woman is a thief. ... They take me to the truck and try to up-sell telling me something about the cubic feet. ... They tried to get me to pay cash. ... The reviews are all terrible. And a lot of people have had the same experience as I have.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : West Palm Beach, FL

No Photo Kenneth
January 27, 2016

They tried to overcharge me, but it ...

Other than the fact that they tried to overcharge me I'm not really happy with, but the guys that did the job did good. The people that did the move were fine, the people who did the contract were crooks.

Destination : AUBURNDALE, FL

No Photo Anonymous
January 18, 2016

They did a nice job loading and ...

When I contracted them they said it would be three people for 3.5 hours, when they got there it was 2 people and only 3 hours. They said if we went over a minute they'd charge me another $100. So I asked them to get the larger items in the truck and put the boxes later. The truck was full before we could put some boxes so we left without those items. ... They helped me move some other items and they did most of the unloading of my personal truck from the storage unit. So they did a nice job with the loading and unloading.

Origin : Palmetto, FL
Destination : Palmetto, FL

No Photo Jon
December 24, 2015

Hated the mover.

The company showed up for the move, the Monday before Thanksgiving and said, "We can't possibly complete this move for the price we gave you, it's going to be twice as much." So it was a bit of a bait and switch, I couldn't cancel because it was Thanksgiving. They said they had to wrap things, so they wrapped things and they still damaged the items that they wrapped. ... They left things in the hallway of the new location and it took me twice as long to do the move and then they disappeared on me at the very end. And not only all that, butt hey ran into a pole at the new location with the moving truck, which I was responsible for paying for.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Tampa, FL

No Photo Lorenzo
November 30, 2015

They only moved about three-fourths of ...

I paid for all my household goods to be moved and they only moved about three-fourths of my household goods. They advised me based on the online information I inputted pertaining to the type of furniture I had and the amount of furniture I had and everything I was getting packed--it only required half of a truck. That was the reason why all my belongings did not get moved... and that information that either the manager or the customer service, whoever it may have been--that information was totally inaccurate.

Origin : Riverview, FL
Destination : Ruskin, FL

No Photo Alicia
November 5, 2015


I was very happy and pleased with the movers from jetstream. They completed my move within the estimated time. I was skeptical at first because they estimated me at 5hrs. I was moving from Winter Park, FL to Fort Lauerdale and the drive alone is 2 1/2hrs, but they actually completed it with no damages. My only complaint is that there was too much paperwork, online and on the day of the move that I had to sign. Other than that i would use them again.

Origin : Winter Park, FL
Destination : Fort Lauderdale, FL

Quoted Price : $982.03
Actual Price : $982.03

No Photo Anonymous
November 2, 2015

They tried to give you the biggest ...

It was very good. They did a great job. They done exactly what they said they'd do and they done it for the price. They done anything you asked them to do. They were very expedient--got it done as quickly as possible. They didn't mess around. They tried to give you the biggest bang for the buck.

Origin : Clewiston, FL
Destination : Orange City, FL

No Photo J Porter
October 26, 2015

Our furniture was damaged and there's ...

The price was not good and our furniture was damaged. Nothing's been done to correct anything. There's been no response about the damage.

Origin : Wesley Chapel, FL
Destination : Wesley Chapel, FL

No Photo Carol
October 19, 2015

They were OK.

They were OK. I'm not saying I was typically satisfied, but they did a good job. They delivered everything on-time so I really don't have complaints on that department.

Origin : Largo, FL
Destination : Spring Hill, FL

No Photo Selina
October 6, 2015


I HAD JUST HAD SURGERY FOR BREAST CANCER AND THIS COMPANY CAUSED ME SO MUCH STRESS ON MY MOVING DAY, I HAD TO STAY IN BED THE NEXT 2 DAYS. THIS COMPANY LIES,CHEATS,STEALS, AND THE STAFF IS HORRIBLE GOLDIE IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DO HER JOB BRADLEY IS BOLD FACE LIAR !!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY**** SCAM**** I spoke to Bradley who was very reassuring that I would be done in 2 hours with 2 men, well they were supposed to do my move on Saturday and they called to tell me that a mover had called and it was too short of notice for them to find another man for the job, would I mind waiting until the next day, they never told me that I could cancel and get my refund back, I agreed to the Sunday morning. The driver called and let me know he was just a few minutes away. When he gets to my house he began telling me that I was going to need to pay for supplies to wrap things in bubble wrap and shrink wrap and mattress covers, I told him no all of my mattress have covers and don't worry about taking my tv's I will take them myself. Right there I knew this was not going to be good, I was so upset that this was not told to me over the phone. It had started to pour rain, he calls the dispatch to advise that it is raining the dispatch told him that she would stop the clock while it was raining that never happened. I was told by Bradley that no one with less than 5 years of experience is allowed on the moving truck that his men are the best movers and very qualified, well the person that was sent with the driver was a young kid who did not even know how to put boxes on a hand truck. The driver was moving the large furniture and the helper was the worst thing ever in the 2 hours he made three trips to the truck in total 12 boxes. The driver got most of the big furniture out . The dispatch kept on calling the driver every 10 minutes which in turn caused him to slow down as the clock was running on my time. During one call the driver dropped mattresses down the stairs because he had to answer the phone. Ten minutes later he says that's it I have to stop loading and move the truck because the dispatcher called and said that she had not seen the truck move and it was already 2 hours. Well had the send me 2 movers instead of 1 it would have been done. Once he got to the place of delivery the dispatcher called again this time I got on the phone with her (Goldie) she is the rudest person I have ever had to deal with. I told her that this was very unprofessional and I was lied to about the service and quality of work I would receive. I told her I am not paying for another hour and she told that she would have her driver drop my stuff on the street and leave. The driver was very upset and he did continue to help me and unload the things off the truck until it was all off. The dispatcher called to say that it would be 325.00 and I told the driver tell that woman that she is not getting another pen

Origin : Port Richey, FL
Destination : Port Richey, FL

Quoted Price : $289.00
Actual Price : $329.00

No Photo Derek
September 25, 2015

Move doubled in cost!!!!

When they finally came to move me and told me the real cost I told them that's not what I was told, they said there was a $550 cancellation fee and I would lose my deposit if they leave and not agree with their new changes. They wanted to charge $375 for tape and bubble wrap!! beware do not use these people!

Origin : Tampa
Destination : Tampa

Quoted Price : $350.00
Actual Price : $735.00

No Photo Mary
September 25, 2015

Excellent service for a great price.

Great moving experience, easy, reliable and supplied the COI's.I had a very pleasant experience with Jetstream Moving & Storage movers.His team were fantastic and simply flawless. They gave me the best price and they were very professional and efficient.I would recommend them to anyone looking to move within Tampa, FL

Origin : 33624
Destination : 33621

Quoted Price : $150.00
Actual Price : $300.00

No Photo Lyudmila
September 16, 2015

They did a great job, I would use them ...

I would definitely ... Ask [the] same company for help because I didn't have a bad experience with them. I believe they did a great job.

Origin : Largo, FL
Destination : Largo, FL

No Photo Jenna
August 30, 2015

Life Saver

I am on who does not usually write reviews, but due to all the bad reviews I thought I would share my experience with Jet. These guys were awesome. They were on time and extremely fast and careful with my things. I was worried when they showed up. I was informed that the move was going to be 2-3hrs longer than estimated and I freaked. I called my sales rep and he told me that the foreman always over estimates than what they do and he reassured me don't worry. I had no choice since I had to move and during the move that was lingering in the back of my mind. The guys wasted no time and actually finished 20min less the my original estimate. I would recommend Jet to friends and family. I only suggest that the foreman should not scare clients with more time than needed.

Origin : Lakeland, FL
Destination : Safety Harbor, FL

Quoted Price : $398.50
Actual Price : $398.50

No Photo Alex
August 6, 2015

Satisfied Right choice for a moving ...

It would are nice to understand what time they were returning within the morning, however as shortly as they known as they were terribly prompt at incoming. The came and loaded up in a few hour and met North American country at the new location. It solely took concerning associate hour to unload. i actually appreciated their diligence ascent 3 flights of stairs within the heat with all my significant things. They did not complain and were terribly friendly. Overall they were onerous staff and created my moving method such a lot better! thanks therefore much!

Origin : florida
Destination : florida

Quoted Price : $45.00
Actual Price : $45.00

No Photo Mr.Shilliday
August 5, 2015

Not happy at all.

They quoted us a price and then when the truck gets there they said, "that's too low." We gave them an inventory of everything we had and they wrote it down and when the truck came they had it with them. It was exactly what we quoted them in terms of what household goods we had. ... When the truck got there they said it would take a full truck. Then it was about $600 more. The same thing happened from Tampa to our new place. It was supposed to be so much and it ended up being more because fo so many hours from Tampa. If we'd have known that we would have hired a mover from Punta Gorda. ... So we weren't happy with them at all.

Origin : Punta Gorda, FL
Destination : Lake Placid, FL

No Photo Carlos
July 28, 2015

There was some damage.

Not very good, I'm afraid. They didn't have the right size truck that I needed. Therefore, they had to go on two different trips. Then there was some damage to the things that I moved. One was lost.

Origin : Northdale, FL
Destination : Ft Lauderdale, FL

No Photo Dirrell
June 12, 2015

Worst company ever, hidden fee, run!!!

I not sure how this company has so many good reviews, the price they quoted was almost twice the amount!!!! So movers, didn't use their tools to speed up the time so that they could charge more...then the movers asked me for my help with moving my furniture!!!! Worst move ever, nkt to mention they left the job without finishing it with all the garabe in my place and a elevator full of my furniture for me to deliver.

Origin : Tampa
Destination : Orlando

Quoted Price : $543.00
Actual Price : $900.00

No Photo Susan
May 28, 2015

No complaints!

They were efficient. They were good, and I have no complaints.

Origin : Westchase, FL
Destination : Westchase, FL

No Photo Jerry
May 22, 2015


THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Don't believe the positive reviews here, I am convinced they're planted by the company. They say yes on the phone and then have you sign paperwork that is vague at best because you don't see the true cost to make a smart decision the day of the move. Then, when they show up at your house and you see the cost of tape being $50.00 and the bubble wrap of already wrapped stuff being $75.00 and the cost of their boxes and the estimated hours go from 3 to 8, etc. Before you know it you're paying more for them than the more reputable services in the area. Dan was our sales guy. He should be sent back to prison to con other people. This company is a joke and they should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of people the way they do. Don't believe the positive reviews, they're lies.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Tampa, FL

Quoted Price : $500.00
Actual Price : $1,200.00

No Photo Jens
April 22, 2015

BEWARE!!!!!!! Robbers!!!! Worst ...

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I wish instead of writing this review I was filing a police report because this company made me feel like I was robbed.I never give a bad review but this company is the worst bunch of lying thieves, From salesman to owner,to the moving men, they are all thieves and liars.I moved from New York to Florida for not much more money then this move.First after they get there they say they have to charge you to wrap your sofas,mattresses etc. which is normally included with other companies, You have no choice but to pay this or they will not move you. When you have to move that day how can you send them away and get someone fast to move you. Its like being robbed without a gun! Thinking back now I should have sent them away. The wrapping materials came to around $160. on top of the $500 for 4 hrs and 1 hr travel time.They sent 2 men to move us. While one man is wrapping the furniture the other is moving one small box at a time. I wish I had a video of this he actually carried a 1 lb curtain rod all the way out to the truck walking slow just to take more time to make the move longer. When asked why he was carrying such a small item at a time he did not answer just came back in picked up 2 light items said now I am carrying 2 items. We had a small 2 bedroom apartment. Moving from NY it took less then 2 hours to pack the truck and less then 2 hrs to unpack the truck in Fl so 4 hours should have been more then enough time to move. That is the difference in hiring a reputable company or hiring a theiving company.To save time we put all the boxes and small furniture in the garage,only carrying in the big stuff. We helped the movers with the big furniture to make them move along faster but they kept stalling, moving as slow as possible. One man went to clean the truck folding all thier tarps and blankets while the other man put a platform bed together by himself taking 30 mins to do it at $95. an hour. I even had to tell the man to go help inside instead of hanging out in the truck.He took at least another 15 mins to come in to help saying he had made a mistake on the paperwork earlier and was fixing it. I would have made them leave but in the beginning they make you sign a paper for payment of seven hours in case of problems but they tell you not to worry it will not take that long its only for protection. I was so tired from packing and I had to be out of the apartment that day or pay another months rent that I signed the paper.They started at 9:50 Am and were finished because of all our help before 2:50 Pm. Even with their stalling it should have come to 5 hrs total, but the man with the paper work stalled another 10 minutes not telling us that that 10 min would cost another $95.Charging us for 6 hrs. I called the owner to complain and she said too bad even 1 min over costs a full hr.I would have tipped the men $75. each but instead paid the 6hrs and said leave. This company should not be recommended by this site or any!

Origin : Davenport, Fl
Destination : Winter Haven Florida

Quoted Price : $493.51
Actual Price : $800.00

No Photo Jane
January 16, 2015

Horrible.They doubled the estimate.

Horrible. We gave them a list of everything that we were going to move, including box count. They quoted us what half the price would be instead of the full price that it ended up being. They doubled the estimate. And they told us that if you had a second stop within 10 miles, it was free. Because we needed two stops. And the second stop is 4.3 miles from here. And they still charged us $75 to take that stuff over, even though they said it was free.

Origin : Venice, FL
Destination : Shreveport, LA

No Photo Thirupathi
November 19, 2014

I had no option to cancel!

It's a two bedroom home and the space they have allocated and the number of items I have given them over the phone... was different than when I called them later on when they sent those details later in an email. ...Later on when they called me and when I was explaining to them the plan for the move, that's when I realized that what they sent in the mail, the number of items and space they have trimmed that off and they had given a quote for lesser space, and I had no option to cancel. I wanted to cancel and didn't want to proceed further... there was a clause that said I had to pay $575 if I'm canceling it midway. I requested this on Friday that I would like to cancel and I spoke to them and that's when they mentioned the clause. Sunday was my move.

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Charlotte, NC

No Photo Mike
November 18, 2014

Great Move fun hard working guys!

Don't let the bad reviews fool you. I was a little nervous trying out a new company but they did an excellent job and I was very pleased with the move. The guy on the phone Matt the Mover was friendly and helpful and gave me the best possible deal for my move. The movers were quick, efficient, and professional. The move ended up taking exactly what the estimate said it was. Overall great company and easy/relaxing moving experience. Recommende to other church members!

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Port Charlette, FL

Quoted Price : $799.00
Actual Price : $849.00

No Photo Brian
October 24, 2014

Nice people Great Moving experience!

I recently moved within Tampa, Florida from 3rd floor apt to a new townhouse. I was the most satisfied with the professionalism of the staff and the way they handled our things from the guy who placed my order Matt the Mover to Ricco the Forman the day of the move!. They were extremely cautious with my items, and they were very fast in doing their job. I have no complaints and I am impressed with their services.

Origin : Tampa
Destination : Tampa

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $950.00

No Photo Tara
October 7, 2014

Windy City likes Jetstream Moving and ...

Jetstream Moving really took good care of me when I had to move home to take care of my Ill mother.I had Jetstream moving move everything into their FREE 30 day storage locker before the move to Chicage! So I went home and found a new home and they added 15 extra days on at no additional cost. Most importantly was the time and relaocation. Matt the Mover was right on target and reassured me that nothing would happen to my furniture, or personal belongings. I was also worried about the walls in my new house because we were moving into a new house and did not want to repair any dents or dings. Not only did they not dent up my walls, but when they loaded and unloaded the furniture they did not scratch a thing. Jetstream let me tell them how exactly I wanted everything moved and used cloths and bubble wrap to cover furniture even when I said it didnt need it.These guys are Professional movers. A+++++++

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Chicago, IL

Quoted Price : $1,899.00
Actual Price : $2,300.00

No Photo Linda
September 12, 2014

I had to leave behind furniture ...

They smashed a lot of boxes. They nicked a lot of furniture. The move was sloppy. They broke my TV, they lost my rug. The price doubled--I had to leave behind furniture because of the cost. It wasn't that great.

Origin : Florence Villa, FL
Destination : Seneca, SC

No Photo Whitney
June 18, 2014

Recommend This company

I recently moved from Orlando to Tampa, Florida. I was the most satisfied with the professionalism of the sales staff and the way they the movers and packers handled all of our things. They were extremely cautious with my valuable items, and they were very fast and cautious in doing their job. I have no complaints and I was impressed with their services and the move.

Origin : Orlando
Destination : Tampa

Quoted Price : $650.00
Actual Price : $750.00

No Photo Matt
June 9, 2014

Smooth Moving Erperience

JetStream moving took care of us from beginning to end. They were on time, organized, professional, and friendly.I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know. This was a smooth moving experience as can be expected!

Origin : Tampa, FL
Destination : Tampa, FL

Quoted Price : $450.00
Actual Price : $450.00

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