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Mashav Relocation 
83% Recommended

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Member of BBB  :Yes
License Info.:US DOT # 1861735
ICC MC # 673386
Insurance:On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estd.:2/18/2009
Mashav Relocation
5508 Amesfield Ct
Rockville, MD 20853
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Toll Free: 866-775-3121
Fax: 240-558-3788
Url: http://www.mashavrelocation.com

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Absolutely Superb
Absolutely superb, the pricing was exceptional and the packing and wrapping services were top notch and professional. I would recommend them highly. I followed movers.com's suggestions, I went down the list and called the Better Business Bureau and did all the other things and they checked out totally. I narrowed it down to them, they were willing to do in-house estimate or sending pictures to them, whatever was necessary they were willing to do. The estimates were nonbinding, they were willing to do it all, very friendly over the phone, professional. They came when they were supposed to, they packed it, they got to work and did it until it was finished. Some furniture items I didn't expect them to know how to disassemble and reassemble and they knew exactly how to do it and they just did it 1,2,3 and they moved me over and great bunch of movers. I have the highest recommendation for them.

Reviewed on: 3/15/2018

  • Origin : Hanover, MD
    Destination : Glyndon, MD

Good experience
Wasn't that much cheaper, but it was comparable to other companies.

Reviewed on: 3/15/2017

  • Origin : Arlington, VA
    Destination : Fairfax, VA

I'm happy with the delivery.
They're on time. They did everything quickly, everything got moved well and I'm happy with the delivery.

Reviewed on: 1/29/2016

  • Origin : Chestertown, MD
    Destination : Lewistown, MD

I have used this moving company 3 ...
Movers arrived on time neatly packed all of my furniture and other valuable items. Each of my move went really smooth and stress free. These movers are very skilled and experienced and I would definitely use this company for all of my future moves. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on: 1/21/2015

  • Origin : Rockville, MD
    Destination : Rockville, MD
  • Quoted Price : $645.00
    Actual Price : $645.00

kind, honest, upfront !
They were kind, honest, upfront and willing and able to do most anything that was asked of them. We had furniture that needed to be disassembled and then reassembled once we reached our destination which they were most willing to do. Also several boxes needed to be stored on a second level storage unit on top of the garage and they did that with no problems.

Reviewed on: 12/2/2014

  • Origin : md
    Destination : md
  • Quoted Price : $1,300.00
    Actual Price : $1,300.00

Stuff turned up missing and one of the workers stole an item and then claimed I had given it to him. Demanded 15 to 25% tip before even started the move. While I was out getting cash for the tip they must have gone through my home taking things including stand mixer, silver pen collections, credit cards, laptop computer. Most of these items they were not asked to move and which were not part of the deal. They repackaged one of the items I had already packaged and labeled (the stand mixer) I suppose so I would have to go through all the boxes to find it missing. I went through all the boxes and it was missing. it was brand new. Later the owner told me the worker who took it claimed that I had given it to him. It has been a week and it seems every day I find something else gone.. I also had an adjustable bed move and the controls were somehow lost. The items missing were expensive and probably worth even more than what the charged for the move. Do not use unless you pack things yourself, number the boxes and seal them yourself, and have one relative per mover to stand over them to make sure nothing is taken. Do not by any means leave them alone and make sure you travel with them in the truck to make sure nothing gets "lost" along the way. I have been ripped off and a lot of the items, the pens especially, were limited edictions, collectible and had sentimental value as well. They would not had found them unless they had been searching for stuff to take. I had a few credit cards in the satchel with the pens and had to cancel them all. I am now a hispanic who is prejudiced with just cause against the illegal "hard working" aliens everyone seems to sympathize with from afar but once you get to know them you find that 9 out of 10 of them are nothing but thieves who feel entitled to take things that do not belong to them. The packing service was excellent opportunity for them to repack some of your stuff so you would have a hard time finding what you were missing.

Reviewed on: 6/15/2014

  • Origin : Maryland
    Destination : Pennsylvania
  • Quoted Price : $4,000.00
    Actual Price : $4,000.00

Mashav Company, we are based in Washington DC relocating the people based on their needs. We are operating a strong service among the locals towards our goal "lets start with trust". In the past years we have moved thousands of people including families, employees, corporate office etc. Our customers are highly satisfied with our service which brings us lots of other customers through their referrals. We undertake assignments of any type local, long distance etc making sure that your belongings are safe at our hands. We are one of the top Maryland relocation companies moving to achieve the best place among people with our service.

We have the best staffs who are highly eligible for the services like packing, unpacking etc. Your belongings will be carefully loaded and unloaded at your presence by our professionals. We give our best to minimize the damage. The charges for your relocation will be based on the time we spend with you and the weight of the goods. The estimation will be provided by our experienced representative with every minute detail of your move and the given on- site estimation in every possible way will be affordable for the customers. Our MD movers employ different staffs for different types of move, just to make sure that everything goes in order.

For the customers who are in need of storage facility can store their goods at our modern warehouse. The warehouse we provide is available at low rates with climate control facility. You can use it for both short and long term. We will keep track of your storage lots with the available computerized facility for its security. Along with this we give special offers on selected move, to avail all these facilities do call us to book your move.

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