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Next Door Relocators
4780 Ashford Dunwoody Road
AtlantaGA 30338 USA

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Toll Free: 404-942-8425
Phone: 678-510-6386

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No Photo Danyel
July 1, 2023


On April 29,2023. I hired Next Door Relocators. During the moving process a large floor standing mirror was damage. Michael Usuriaga assured me that they would replace the mirror or get the mirror fixed. I contacted Michael again in May 19 concerning the replacement of my mirror. I was told the mirror was in the process of being fixed. Michael told me that they work with a glass replacement company when something like this happen. He said he would call me when It was ready.I called again on June 2 several time. Michael had intentionally. Ignore my phone calls. I left a voicemail and didn’t receive a call back. I decided to call from another number and he promptly answered the phone. I told him I was following up on my mirror. He stated that the mirror wasn’t ready yet. I called again on June 16th (from another number because he wont answer calls from my number. This time he stated the mirror was ready and he would bring it to me on June 24th. Micheal didn’t bring the mirror,I called him again to find out what happened. He stated he was too business to bing me my mirror. He stated he would bring it on July 1st. Today is July first and he hasn’t called nor is he concern about my mirror. I paid $1100 for less than a 5 mile move. I was quoted $850. I don’t recommend this company. Michael has lied to me multiple time and he avoids my phone calls

Origin : Hampton
Destination : Hampton

Quoted Price : $850.00
Actual Price : $1,100.00

No Photo Brooke
June 22, 2023

A Nightmare Experience: The ...

Our recent encounter with Next Door Relocators can only be described as an absolute disaster. From start to finish, their unprofessionalism and carelessness surpassed all expectations. We're sharing my experience in order to save others from the same nightmare. To set the scene, the last moving company we used had the same number of people and it took about 3 hours to move us into a rental 5 minutes down the street. We stayed in the rental for 6 months until we found a new home to purchase. During that 6-month timeframe, we sold and donated a lot of our furniture so this move should have been a lot easier, plus our new neighborhood was only one block from the rental so the move should have been quick. In fact the owner, Michael estimated the job based on our home (described over the phone) around 3 hours as well. Despite all of that - these incompetent movers took well over 8 hours; they purposely milked the clock to increase the fee [and mid move they refused to move any other furniture until we paid them]. The extent of damage caused to my furniture was appalling. Dents, scratches, and even broken pieces were just a few of the unpleasant surprises awaiting me when I unpacked. It is evident that NDR lacks the basic skills and respect required to handle people's belongings. They completely compromised the structure and integrity of our furniture. There were multiple instances of broken glass and dishware [my mother cut herself on broken glass from a box that was labeled as fragile being tossed around]. It is beyond comprehension how a moving company can fail so spectacularly at handling fragile items. Next Door Relocators displayed shocking levels of blatant negligence and a complete lack of expertise. The unprofessional behavior displayed by the Next Door Relocators crew was nothing short of infuriating. Boxes were thrown into rooms without any regard for their contents or fragility. It was as if they were playing a game of "let's see how much damage we can cause." They failed to fulfill their promise of assembling the beds, leaving it up to us to do in an exhausted state. Clearly, customer satisfaction is not a priority for Next Door Movers. They could not figure out how to move basic things like a refrigerator, dresser, or couch. Despite being told multiple times, they did not wrap our furniture, resulting in scratches on nightstands, dressers, and cabinets, as well as torn slip covers from dragging my couch and stepping on the fabric. Failure to wrap another, white Restoration Hardware sofa, resulted in leaving black marks on it - from where they brushed it on their grubby walls and floor of their truck. To make matters worse, they showed an astonishing disregard for the home I was moving out of. Dented and scratched walls greeted me at every turn, bearing witness to the utter lack of caution exercised by the Next Door Relocators

Origin : Atlanta, GA
Destination : Atlanta, GA

Quoted Price : $595.00
Actual Price : $1,175.00

No Photo Eric
October 10, 2020

Next Door Relocators is a terrible ...

Next Door Relocators is a terrible company. We have suffered nearly $1500 worth of damages due to gross negligence on the part of Next Door Relocators, including scratched and gouged floors, broken items, and appliance reconnection services that they failed to complete. They refuse to return our calls, and refuse to return our property. The movers did not arrive until 11:30 AM. On several occasions we requested they movers install the floor runners listed in the paperwork. They never did. By 6:00 PM I recommended the movers stop packing the truck and take what they had to the new house, as we have young children who needed to be at school the next day. The movers arrived at the new house at 7:30 PM to unpack. They had dropped off one of the movers at her house. As they were in a hurry to unpack, they left furniture and boxes in any available room, rather than what was labelled on the items. They then billed me for the time spent dropping off the other mover. On Tuesday 9/29 the movers failed to arrive until after 12:30 PM. We suggested they movers break down 4 large steel shelves rather than placing them directly in the truck, as they would then take up very little room. The movers agreed to do so. At 5:00 PM the truck was full even though there were several items remaining to be moved. When I checked the truck, I saw all 4 shelves in the back, fully assembled, taking up quite a bit of space. I suggested to the movers that they break the shelves down. Instead of clearing space so that the remaining items could be transported, they closed up the truck and drove it to the new location for unpacking. When the movers were “complete”, the following items were outstanding: • The washer/dryer were left disconnected, or improperly connected. I discovered this only after turning on the water to the washer. • Boxes were placed in random rooms throughout the house • Furniture was also in the wrong locations • Many items were damaged • We received no receipt or paperwork showing how much we paid • They kept my new $100 hand truck in the back of the moving van, after I repeatedly reminded them to leave it. On Wednesday, 9/30, we had to hire a second moving company to assist us in moving boxes and furniture to the correct locations. We also had them move the rest of the items from the first house to the new house. They were quick and thorough. I spoke with Scott, the "estimator", several times to request they return my hand truck. He promised it was "on the way", but it has never showed up. He has since stopped taking my calls or responding to emails.

Origin : Cumming, GA
Destination : Alpharetta, GA

Quoted Price : $1,500.00
Actual Price : $3,000.00

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