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Runge Moving and Storage, Inc.
197 S. Broadway
YonkersNY 10705 USA

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Toll Free: 800-734-6683
Phone: 914-963-1216
Fax: 914-963-9374

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No Photo Kevin
February 27, 2015


Horrible avoid at all costs-attacked ...

Absolutely horrible & avoid at all costs. I have no idea how these guys are still in business. I never write reviews but I felt I had to for this horrible company to let everyone know how horrible they really are and to protect others. The short- The police had to be called after the workers tried to assault my neighbor and I witnessed the entire incident. They first blocked the entrance to the street and wouldn't let the person pass even after beeping the horn and holding up traffic. They finally moved the truck up and the person drove into the block and into his driveway waiting to pick someone up. The truck then pulls up and parks behind my neighbor blocking him in his driveway and they got out and went a few houses down where they had their job at. Then my neighbor was ready to leave but was blocked in so he waited patiently for a few minutes then beeped the horn after they still didn't come back out. He kept beeping and finally 1 guy came out real slow to be spiteful and didn't get in the truck and just stood there as my neighbor was telling him to please move the truck because he had to go to work but the guy ignored him. Then another guy came out taking his time too and was asked to move the truck but he started cursing at him and telling my neighbor he'll move the truck when he feels like it. They then started arguing and the employee kept trying to attack my neighbor and was screaming and cursing as the other 3 workers tried to hold him back. Finally he moved the truck after my other neighbors called the cops on the company and were telling him to stop. And the owner was even worse and completely disrespectful and unprofessional-a few neighbors,including myself,called the company to complain and report the incident and the owner said that my neighbor deserved to be attacked and told everyone that called to go "F" themselves amongst other words and hung up on everyone-all because my neighbor was trying to get out of his blocked driveway. And the cops were going to arrest the worker if he had touched my neighbor but they couldn't. This is totally unacceptable, disrespectful and unprofessional on a whole other level. As employees they should have moved the truck or at least kindly tell the person that they'll be right out and they'll move the truck in a minute (and they shouldn't be blocking the street and peoples driveways w/o asking to begin with-unless it's the house they're working at). And the owner is in a way worse then his employees- he should be trying to defuse the situation and apologize to the people for their employees behavior because they represent the company. My neighbor was calm and polite up until the point the worker started screaming and cursing at him and his sister and he had to defend her and himself. I suggest that you never call these guys unless you want to be attacked by thugs and treated like dirt. I also have heard they do horrible work anyway and they steal stuff from

Origin : Yonkers, NY
Destination : Yonkers, NY

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