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Stress Free Movers-NC
3123 Cedar Park Rd UNIT D
GreensboroNC 27408 USA

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Toll Free: 336-617-3005
Phone: 336-617-3005

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No Photo Adam
February 5, 2024

Amazing people

Highly recommended movers ???????? Upfront cost no hidden fees. Hassle free. Price didn’t change even though I had few extra items. They’re truly stress free movers. Amazing people and staff packed up my stuff very professional. Call Jay tell him Adam sent you ????

Origin : Charlotte Nc
Destination : Little Rock ar

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $1,800.00

No Photo Janet
February 5, 2024

Best movers yet!

This had to be the smoothest,stress free move by far! From booking my move with them directly with an in home estimate,the price was very reasonable compare to quotes I had received. They packed my furniture with such great care and received my stuff in the same great condition. Thank you stress free movers!

Origin : NC
Destination : NC

No Photo Sindi
February 3, 2024

Best service ever

We all know moving can be the biggest hassle ever it come with stress of so many things,but I have to say that they made our move stress free,quick and efficient and super professional! If you want take a load off something when your moving hire them ASAP you will not be disappointed.. if I can give them a 10 start I would. Great job guys.

Origin : Phoenix
Destination : North carolina

No Photo John
February 2, 2024

I'm so glad.

movers have been very helpful and honest since day one I booked with them directly.

Origin : nc
Destination : tx

Quoted Price : $8,600.00
Actual Price : $8,800.00

No Photo London
February 2, 2024


I booked my move through Express Movers out of Charlotte NC,they gave me a time and date as to when the movers will be moving our things after weeks of confirming with the rep with express movers. The day finally comes to move and guess what,no one called or showed up! Which is when we found out they weren’t an actual moving company but a broker after finally speaking to someone they wanted to reschedule me for another few days! I was livid,a neighbor of mine referred us to Stress free movers,and they were able to do our move the same day,the gentleman t came in,were very professional and helpful. We even ended up saving a lot more money than expected with stresss free movers,the delivery also went smoothly and we could’nt have been any more happy with our move. I will be recommending stress free movers with family and friends still located in NC.

Origin : Charlotte NC
Destination : Ontario CA

Quoted Price : $17,052.00
Actual Price : $14,312.00

No Photo Nic
September 3, 2022

100% Scam!! Do not hire!!

My wife and I ended up with Stress Free Movers after a moving broker sub-contracted our move through them. The moving broker is a whole different issue, but for this I’ll try and stick to the issues with Stress Free Movers. Our move from NC to CA was initially quoted at $4852.50—that was door-to-door service, packing and moving materials included, fuel, etc. Our original quote was for 600 cubic feet—this was something that was pushed on to my wife after she had explained, in detail, the size of our two storage containers and the size truck we used to move everything. This is part one of their scam. They purposely underestimate the amount of stuff you have in cubic feet, which is confusing since we only measure gas and liquid in cubic feet—not a couch, and then jack up the price when they arrive and find “additional belongings.” So, for example, the initial estimate might be for something like $5 per cube. Then when they come to collect your stuff and it turns out you have 1800 cubic feet of stuff, they charge you for the overage at $8 per cube. Stress Free Movers arrives at our storage containers—one a 10x10x8 and the other a 10x15x9. Neither of our containers had been professionally packed and neither were full, and we had already been read on to this price change scam, so we assumed we’d be over by 800 cubes—so maybe 1400 cubic feet total. The head mover informs me I have 2800 cubic feet of stuff. I found this odd given the size of the containers. I’m not a math doctor, but 2135 cubic feet was the max amount of stuff I could have had if both containers had been completely full. I explain this to him, and he says, “I’ll see what I can do.” He gets all my stuff wrapped up and put on a truck and calls me, and as if he’s done me a glorious favor, and tells me he got it all down to 2500 cubic feet (350 more than what's possible) and the new price would be $19,137. Naturally, I laugh at him and tell him to unpack everything—put it all back, and that giving me a price that’s four times what was estimated is nothing short of ridiculous. He promises me a “heavy discount” and that I won’t pay $19,137, it’d be something closer to $10,000. That's still twice what I was quoted and beyond ridiculous, but at this point, we just wanted it to be over. While my stuff is on its way, I’m told I owe $14,000 of the $19,137--the discount has disappeared. I tell him I’m not paying that, and he tells me he’s going to send all my family’s belongings to auction. He was essentially holding my things hostage. I wrestle him down to $11,000 and he swears that’ll be it, but then when my stuff shows up at our new home, they refused to open the truck until I coughed up another $6608. This is an extremely common moving scam according to the US Department of Transportation and they recommend you report them. These scammers get your things on a truck and then hold it hostage and extort as much money from you as they can. DO NOT employ Stress Free

Origin : Pinehurst, NC
Destination : Sand City, CA

Quoted Price : $4,852.50
Actual Price : $19,137.00

No Photo Coleen
December 14, 2020

Took Advantage//Awful/

I won't go into the whole scenario of my move because it is a LIFETIME movie. Quoted by their broker initially $6500 (estimate) then on second quote from broker 4-5 days before move $9500 (estimate) . Stress Free came to house late on packing day. Quoted me $18, 000 (estimate) and if I did not sign they were not moving me. I had to move as I sold my house and closing in 2 days. They knew this and the broker looked up my housing info on I requested empty

Origin : King George, VA
Destination : King George, VA

Quoted Price : $6,500.00
Actual Price : $18,000.00

No Photo Naomi
October 12, 2020

Nightmare Move, Overcharged, Arrived ...

The service started out great. Within an hour after requesting a quote, I was called, and Richard/Jerry who I spoke with initially was very professional and efficient. The pick up of my items went smoothly. But that is where the professionalism ended. It's hard to know where to start. On September 11th, I was told that my items would be loaded within 2-3 days. I didn't hear anything after that, so I emailed and left several voicemails and got no response. Finally, after 4 weeks of numerous attempts to contact them, and getting no response the driver calls me on October 7 at 7pm to tell me they are delivering my items the next afternoon. They explained that they would accept cash only, and that they no longer accept money orders. I explained that I couldn't get $1700+ in cash by the next day. The driver then said they could accept a payment via zelle. On Thursday October 10th, at 2pm they text me to tell me they were 7 hours out and would not arrive until 8-9pm. However, they did not arrive until 11.30pm! I sent $1742.95 via the zelle app to Stress Free Movers. After they began to unload, the driver came over to say that I must pay in cash because the payment wouldn't post for 1-3 business days. I had already sent the money and it posted on my account, but the driver insisted I pay in cash as well. When I couldn't, they reloaded the van, and said I would be charged a $500 re-delivery fee. At 1am that night, the driver texted me to say 'Cancel transaction and we will be collecting cash tomorrow of 1742.95 + 500 redelivery fee. Total of 2242.95. Will be contacting you between 8 and 9am'. They didn't understand that the money had already posted on my account. In the end, I had to run around in the morning, hit 6 ATM's and move money around in my accounts so I could get the cash to have my items delivered. I have now paid a total of $3,985.95, and I am waiting for $1742.95 to be returned to my bank. It's impossible to get hold of anyone, No one responds to emails or phone calls. To summarize, I have definitely been scammed. What moving companies deliver at 11.30 at night? I am a single woman and I was bullied and intimidated by 2 men to give them more money. Also, some of my items were missing, and they left their trash in my driveway. Oh, and this company works with Budget Van lines, so take a look at that company for more info as well. I expect a response, and the $1742.95 back in my bank, from this company within 72 hours.

Origin : VA
Destination : WY

Quoted Price : $3,793.95
Actual Price : $6,036.90

No Photo Al
October 1, 2020

Stress Free Movers stole my furniture

Took them almost 6 weeks to deliver my property after they gave me a 3 to 10 day quote. Several items were missing when they delivered my property. The “office” said they would call me right back because they were “searching the warehouse” for the missing items. It has been almost two months now. I call everyday and they don’t answer my calls.

Origin : Virginia
Destination : Arkansas

Quoted Price : $1,700.00
Actual Price : $1,700.00

No Photo Hardik
August 4, 2020


Most horrible company EVER! Stay away, they promised to pick up our stuff from Louisville on June 13 - did not show up till June 19 !! Charged extra almost $3000 for small stuff like 'inter state fees' 'fuel charge' etc when everything was covered. Promised to deliver on July 19 - Today is Aug 3 - Almost 3 WEEKS and still no news, no furniture.. Never picks up the phone, I have lost all hope and money and furniture. Writing this so you can beware. They are the classic bait and switch company. Will promise lower cost and good service so you buy and then eventually you end up paying more $$ and horrible service and may not even get the stuff like me. DO NOT USE THEM! Would give them negative stars. Do yourself a favor and stay miles away from them!

Origin : Louisville
Destination : Fremont

Quoted Price : $5,200.00
Actual Price : $9,900.00

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