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Researching Your New Neighborhood

Learn all about the area you are moving to, including schools, facilities, amenities, and statistics, to see if it matches your lifestyle.

  • Researching Crime Rates and Neighborhood Safety Before You Move

    Nicole Schurott  Posted by Nicole Schurott on January 3, 2019

    It's a good idea to check out the crime rates in the area before deciding where to move. Learn about effective ways of researching crime to help you find the best place for you! For example, speaking to local law enforcement or reading the local newspaper are ways to find out how...

  • Moving to a Different Neighborhood in the Same City

    Robert Moreschi  Posted by Robert Moreschi on July 26, 2013

    People move within the same city all the time. In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, it's actually quite common to move from one part of the city to another part for several reasons. Maybe you've gotten a new job and want a place to shorten your commute . Or maybe you're...

  • How to Pick the Right Neighborhood for You to Move To

    Adam Mandelbaum  Posted by Adam Mandelbaum on October 23, 2018

    When looking into moving to a new neighborhood, it's important to make sure you've done all your research to ensure that you pick the right neighborhood. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right neighborhood for you and your family. For example, check the...

  • House Hunting Tips - What You Must Avoid?

    Staff Writer  Posted by Staff Writer on April 8, 2022

    Buying a new house can be very emotional. However, you shouldn't allow these emotions to defeat you as you might end up making several mistakes. In this highly competitive housing market, you need to be strategic to get the home you desire. Here we have a few easy and best...

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