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Types of Moving Estimates

When hiring a moving company, you will want to know about the different types of estimates and how they will affect the final price of your move.

  • The Difference Between Binding and Non-Binding Moving Estimates

    Nicole Schurott  Posted by Nicole Schurott on November 29, 2018

    Learn the differences between the three moving estimates offered by moving companies to determine which is best for you. Estimates can be binding, binding not-to-exceed or non-binding. Often, these estimates will be given by the movers when they come to your home prior to the...

  • What's the Difference Between Phone Estimates and an In-House Estimate?

    Robert Moreschi  Posted by Robert Moreschi on November 8, 2018

    When obtaining estimates from moving companies, you may find that some movers do things differently than others. There are three different kinds of estimates that you receive from a moving company -- binding, non-binding and binding not-to-exceed estimates. But how...

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