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When relocating, you can hire a moving company to do a full-service move. If you undergo a full-service move, your movers will pack your things up in your old home, load them onto the truck, drive to your new location, unload everything off the truck, and unpack your belongings in your new home. Though full-service moves can be expensive, they can provide for a less stressful move – you can sit back and relax as the movers do all the work!

Finding a Full-Service Mover

If you are interested in doing a full-service move, you should first decide on a full-service moving company to relocate your household. You should do some research and find a few moving companies in your area that can provide the services you need. In addition to performing full-service moves, you should also make sure they can perform your type of move – local, long distance, or international.

Once you have selected three moving companies, allow them to perform an in-home assessment of your household. After evaluating your home, the moving company can provide you with an estimate for the cost of a full-service move.

Aside from giving you an estimate, this in-home evaluation will let the movers see if there are any problem situations and determine if any special equipment or precautions will be necessary for your move. Furthermore, this is a great time for you to ask the moving company about any questions or concerns you may have regarding the moving process. Remember to let them know of any furniture or other large items in your home that you don't plan on taking with you so these things won't be included in the estimate.

Moving Day

On the day of the move, you should be around to give any special instructions to the movers. Also, by being present, your movers can ask you any questions they might have when handling your goods. If there are any boxes that you plan on bringing in your own car (such as those containing important documents, valuables, or any necessities), make sure these boxes are clearly labeled as such.

When the movers arrive, they will quickly get to work on packing everything up. Though it is a good idea to be present as they work, you shouldn't micromanage them. Remember, any good moving company thoroughly trains their employees on the proper way to protect and pack all household items.

Upon arriving at your new home, the movers will begin to unload and unpack all of your goods. While you will need to be there to let them in, you should also be around to advise them on where your belongings should go. After unloading everything, your movers can dispose of all the packing materials for you. They can also arrange your furniture and even install your appliances, though they might charge you extra for this service.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the biggest advantages to using full service movers is the time you will save by not having to pack everything up. If you have a bad back, or don't want to develop a bad back, you won't have to go through the trouble of lifting heavy objects. Also, a professional driver will be handling the move, so you don't have to worry about renting and driving a big truck. On top of everything else, you can be confident that your belongings will be packed by experienced professionals using the best materials and methods.

As great as a full-service move may be, there are some things to consider. No matter how much experience the moving company has in packing and shipping goods, you still might not be comfortable with someone else handling everything you own.

In addition, the cost of a full-service move is not cheap. Even though it is called "full service," there are several services moving companies offer that will result in extra charges. For instance, having your movers hook up appliances or even carry goods up a flight of stairs can result in added fees.

Full-service moves are a good option if you have the money and don't want to handle the physical aspects of the move. By going with a full-service move, you can take a back seat as your movers do the grunt work.

Adam Mandelbaum  Posted by Adam Mandelbaum on August 27, 2009

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