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Different Kinds of Moving Services

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There are many different types of moves and moving services. Understanding the type of move you will be undertaking will help you know how to approach the move and what to expect from it. It will also help you select the best mover to handle your relocation.

Understanding the type of move you will be undertaking will help you know how to approach the move and what to expect from it.It will also help you select the best mover to handle your relocation.

Local Moves

There are two standards that your move must meet for it to be considered local. First, the origin and destination of your move must be in the same state. Second, the total distance of the move must be under a certain distance as determined by individual movers. Most movers' standards, for this second point, fall within a range of under 50 miles to under 100 miles.

Local movers usually charge by the man-hour. Man-hours are determined by multiplying the number of workers by the number of hours it takes to complete your move.

Long-Distance Moves

Any move that takes place within state lines, but is over 50 or 100 miles (again, this depends on the individual mover) is going to be a long-distance move. There are two types of long-distance moving options for you to consider
  • Full-service moves – A full-service move is one where your mover does all the work for you. They'll pack all of your things, load them into the moving truck, drive them to your new home, unload them from the moving truck, and then unpack them.
  • Self-service moves – If you choose a self-service move, you'll do the packing yourself and the movers will take care of loading the truck, driving to your new home, and unloading the truck.

Interstate Moves

Any move across state lines, whether five miles or 500 miles, is considered an interstate move. These moves are very similar to long-distance moves, as the price is also determined by the weight of the shipment and you have the option of full- or self-service moving.

International Moves

As its name suggests, an international move is any move that goes from one country to another. In fact, any move that crosses national borders, even one that involves going through Canada to get to Alaska, is considered to be an international move.

This also applies to those who are moving to Hawaii and Puerto Rico. International moves are the most complicated type of move because you have to deal with the customs process as well as the policies and regulations of your destination country.

International movers usually determine the cost of your move by the total volume of your shipment. Shipping volume is typically measured in either cubic feet or cubic meters.

Auto Transport

Sometimes, especially for moves of greater distances, it's best to ship your vehicle to your destination, rather than driving it. You have two options for shipping your vehicle:
  • Open-air trailer - You've probably seen these big trailers, packed with cars, driving on the highway. This is the cheapest option for shipping your vehicle.
  • Closed trailer - Closed trailers offer better protection for your vehicle. Your vehicle will be kept out of the elements as it is transported to your new home. This is a good option for your treasured sports car or luxury SUV.

Small Moves

Small moves are usually for small apartments or dorm rooms. Any move that is 2000 pounds or less is considered to be a small move. Small movers are a great option for handling a shipment that is too big for parcel shipment but too small for moving companies' minimum size requirements.

Special Movers

Special movers handle your particularly valuable, bulky, and fragile belongings. There are special movers for shipping things like pianos, artwork, motorcycles, plants, and pets. They will handle your special belongings with extra care. By using special movers, you can be more certain that your most prized possessions are transported safely to your new home.

Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation specialists do much more than just pack up your files and desks. They coordinate the logistics of the move to limit interference with business. They can also help answer questions about the relocation that you or your employees may have. In other words, they work with you and your business to make your office relocation as smooth as possible.

Truck Rentals

Renting a moving truck can help save you a lot of money during your move. You can avoid paying someone to drive your belongings to your new home simply by doing it yourself. There are many different truck rental companies available that provide various truck sizes at competitive prices.

Moving Labor

Just because you rented a truck or have access to one already doesn't mean you have to do all the packing and heavy lifting yourself. You can hire moving labor to handle it for you. Even though you're paying someone to pack and load your goods, you'll still be saving money on transportation by driving the truck yourself.

Self Storage

Self-storage facilities provide you with managed storage units to keep your belongings safe mid-move or to hold your infrequently used items. Perhaps you'll be staying with friends for a month before you move into your new home. Or maybe you're moving into a smaller house than the one you're moving out of. Whatever the case, you can keep your belongings in storage until you're ready for them.

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