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Is It Better to Move During the Week or on the Weekend?

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When planning your move, there are many factors to consider. Choosing your moving day is a major decision that will greatly affect your move's cost and convenience. While you may assume that moving on the weekend is the optimal option, there are many advantages to booking a weekday move. It is better overall to move during the week and on the weekend.

If you can afford to move on a weekday, it would benefit you greatly. Read on for the pros and cons of mid-week moves.

is it better to move during the week or weekend

Advantages of moving Monday through Thursday

  1. It's cheaper. A weekday move's main advantage, and the reason many people choose to move during the week, is the cost benefits. Movers and truck rental companies often charge higher prices for moves during peak times, including the summer and weekends. If you are able to schedule your move during the week, your movers will likely offer you a better deal, saving you some significant cash.

  2. Your neighbors will be at work. On moving day, neighbors often peek out their windows nosily to see who is joining the neighborhood. If you would prefer to move in without scrutiny, a weekday move will likely attract less attention. Most of your neighbors will be at work, giving you more privacy as you haul your belongings into your new home. There will also be less cars on the street, giving you a better chance of imminent parking for easy unloading. If you are moving into an apartment, it will also be much easier to carry your goods through the halls and up the stairs if the building is relatively empty.

  3. Your kids will be at school. If you are moving locally, you may not have to take your kids out of school for moving day. Not having to keep an eye on your kids will make your move easier and less stressful. You can focus on getting everything from your old home to your new home quickly and efficiently, without having to entertain your kids or reprimand them for getting in the movers' way.

  4. There will be less traffic during the day. Plan your move for late morning, when traffic will be nearly non-existent. As long as your move time doesn't exceed eight hours, you will arrive at your new home before rush hour traffic begins to clog the roads.

  5. You don't have to sacrifice your relaxation. The weekend is often a time for people to unwind and relax. If you are moving on the weekend, you are most likely sacrificing all your relaxation time for your move. If you like to enjoy your weekend and want time to relax after unloading, moving during a weekday might be a better option for you.

Disadvantages of moving on a weekday

  1. You may have to take time off from work. If you work a Monday through Friday job, a weekday move will require a day or two off. If you have plenty of paid days and an understanding employer, requesting time off may not be a problem. However, if you have exceeded your vacation/sick day allotment, taking off could cause you to not only lose money but anger your boss.

  2. You may have to take your kids out of school. If you are moving long distance, you won't be able to complete your move while the kids are in school. Taking your children out of class, while certainly appreciated by them, could cause them to fall behind or miss important assignments.

  3. There will be rush hour traffic. Depending on the time of day you move, traffic could actually be worse on a weekday. If you are on the road during rush hour, you will be forced to sit through traffic. If you are moving locally, this can be easily avoided by booking your move for late morning. However, if you are moving long distance, it may be difficult to avoid traveling during rush hour.

  4. It may be difficult to get free help. If you aren't hiring movers, you may have a hard time rallying friends together to help you load or unload your rental truck. If most of your friends and family work during the week, they won't be able to lend you a hand. While your loved ones may be willing to take time off work to help you, it shouldn't be expected.

Scott Myers  Posted by Scott Myers on October 22, 2018

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