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Your Guide To Move During The Independence Day

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Fourth of July

Relocating on a holiday can be quite stressful. The Fourth of July occurs during the peak of summer, and it being a holiday weekend means that many Americans plans to move around this time. However, there will be many challenges if you plan to move during the Independence Day weekend.

Limitations on heavy loads

Do you need to move your belongings or car from one state to another? Do you have a fully loaded moving truck? Unfortunately, there are restrictions placed during holidays that will make it harder for you to move depending on your situation. Here are a few things you must know about moving during Independence Day:

  • Extremely heavy loads are suspended during the fourth of July holiday. You must seek special approval from the TxDMV (Texas Department of Motor Vehicles) if you are planning to move with very heavy loads on this day.
  • Heavy load services will be suspended from July 3(afternoon) to July 6. Services will resume on July 7th
  • On the fourth of July, all loads that are 110 feet long, 14-foot wide, or 16-feet high are not allowed to be moved for the entire day. If you really need to move and have no alternative, make sure to seek the approval of the Motor Carrier Division Austin Permit Office in advance.
  • If you have hired a shipping company to transport your belongings, make sure you can delay due to such restrictions.

Drinking and driving are common

As per Forbes, the Fourth of July is the most dangerous day for people driving on the road. Accidents are quite common on this day due to the following reasons:

  • During Independence Day you will mostly come across intoxicated or drunk drivers.
  • There are many people on the road who are on their vacation since this holiday falls during the peak summer season.

Moving around this time can be dangerous, especially when you need to drive a large truck and don't know how to do it.

Tip: We suggest starting your move early in the day before people start celebrating the country's birthday.

Busy time for friends and family

If you are moving during this time, it will be challenging to have friends and family by your side to help you. More than likely, they will have plans to celebrate and be unable to assist. But if they agree to give you their valuable time, we suggest you keep some snacks and refreshments ready as well as appreciating their help.

Businesses are shut down

All businesses will either be closed or only open early in the day. You may face challenges if you require packing supplies, food, or keys at the last moment.

Road shutdowns

From parades in the morning to fireworks at night, numerous events are happening on this day. As a result, there is a high chance that some of the roads will be closed during certain times of day.

We suggest you call the offices in the city beforehand to find out if they expect any shutdowns on the fourth of July. With this information, you can avoid making any delays on your moving day.

Miss the fun

Nobody likes to work on a day where the whole country will be celebrating, and moving during this weekend can be mentally stressing

Despite the above discussed challenges, if you still plan to move on this day here are a few tips for you:

Be prepared for the heavy traffic

According to the AAA, the fourth of July is one of the busiest days to travel in the United States. After the Covid-19 restrictions have been removed from several states, the traffic in the country has also increased. It’s a good idea to take more prevention measures while driving a vehicle on the road on this day. Moreover, you should give yourself additional time as needed to relocate safely to your new house.

If you want to avoid heavy traffic, we recommend that you plan your move either after the fourth of July holiday or a few days before it.

Beat the heat

It’s important to reach your new destination safely, so we suggest you take proper measures to beat the summer heat. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Make sure you know the symptoms of heatstroke or heat exhaustion. We advise you to drink a lot of water and park your vehicle in the shade if required.
  • If your rental truck’s box reaches a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius or 125 degrees Fahrenheit, ensure that you are careful about packing your belongings for the move. If you have plastics or candles among your items, they might melt completely.
  • Avoid packing food items inside a box as they might get spoiled due to the excessive heat.

Take care of your pets

Moving during the summer heat can be stressful both for you and your furry friend. We suggest you take extra care if you want your pet to relocate safely to your new destination. Here are a few basic tips for you to follow:

  • It’s advisable to leave your furry friend outside of the moving van. Make sure you plan an alternative travel arrangement for moving your pet to the new location.
  • If you have big dogs, make sure you fasten them. Otherwise, they will most likely end up jumping to the front seat.
  • In the case of small dogs, you can simply put them in a crate and move them safely to your new destination.

No hazardous cargo or fireworks allowed on the moving truck!

Of course, it’s a treat to watch fireworks on the fourth of July. However, when it comes to moving, we suggest you don't load them into your rental truck since they can be very hazardous. Here are a few other things you must avoid if a rental truck is your mode of transportation:

  • Avoid loading paint thinners, full-gas tanks, charcoal, propane tank, fertilizers, pesticides, and other lighter fluids.
  • If you are moving a hazardous liquid, make sure you seal it properly and prevent it from shifting around.
  • It is a good idea to declutter any solvents or old paints that you have before you move to your new house. If they spill, it can be very dangerous and messy.

If you’re moving during this hectic time, be aware of the challenges you might face on moving day and the steps you can take to minimize these challenges. Apart from the travel restrictions imposed on this day, fireworks on the road can also prove to be dangerous for you.

We suggest, if you can, either postpone or prepone your moving date to a day later or before as per your convenience. Moreover, if you plan to hire professional movers, make sure you book your moving company in advance. Since numerous Americans will be moving around this time, you won’t have much choice, but booking them in advance can help you hire quality movers.

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