Moving a Safe from Washington State to California
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A want to move a safe from WA. to CA

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Asked by Irene

October 14, 2013 under Others

To move a heavy safe from WASHINGTON. STATE TO CALIFORNIA

Answered by Jenna Farmer

October 15, 2013

Hello, and thanks so  much for visiting to find an answer to your question! I will be happy to help.
Moving a safe is serious business, not just because of the actual safe, but because of the content it stores as well. First, you will need to decide if you’re going to try and move it yourself (but not by yourself!), or hire professionals.

Tips for moving the safe yourself

  • Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to move a large safe on your own.
  • Gather as many people as you can to help you on moving day. Ask around and try to have at least five or six of your strongest friends, family members or neighbors present to help you out with the safe.
  • Empty the safe prior to moving it.
  • Make sure you have a dolly to slide the safe onto before rolling it onto your moving truck.

Tips for hiring professionals

You may not want to risk injury to you or anyone else, so your best bet is probably hiring professionals who are specially trained and equipped to handle such a cumbersome object. Since you would only be moving one item, it would qualify as a small move, which does not require a lot of materials or as much time as a full service move.

Special moving services may be a good option, too. These services move items that require extra care in packing and transport, such as antiques, artwork, boats, motorcycles and even pets.

You can start here at and fill out a free quote form for small movers – or special movers as well. The quotes are free, and will connect you with up to seven reputable moving services in the area you select on the form.

Thanks so much again for visiting, and good luck with your move!

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