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Can OLED TV be transported flat?

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December 26, 2020 under Others

To learn if you can transport your OLED TV flat, read on.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 25, 2022

The ultra-thin look of the OLED TV you are using might fascinate you deeply, but the thought of moving it to another place can make you anxious. You may fear damaging an OLED TV, considering its thin and fragile look. Read ahead to learn if you can lay your OLED flat, while you are transporting it to another house.

Can OLED TV be transported flat?

Transporting an OLED TV is something which you need to handle with care as this will reduce the chances of accidents as well as damages to your television set. The design is such that the whole weight is shared on the edges of the TV. Due to this, there will be no load or pressure on the central part of the TV.

We recommend you not to lay your OLED TV flat as by doing so the central part will experience pressure. This may either crack the screen immediately or form micro-cracks which will later transform into bigger cracks.

If you try to transport your OLED flat, the screen might get scratched which would be very costly to repair. Even the most minute scratch on the LED screen will affect your viewing experience leading to immense frustration.

3 Common myths of transporting an OLED TV flat

  1. Delamination- Many people believe that if you lay down your OLED TV flat, the TV materials might get fractured and accumulate at the bottom. But of course, this is a myth, so you should research your facts well before you conclude. An OLED TV isn't made of any materials that float in the bottom, whether the TV was placed upright, flat, or even upside down.
  2. Don’t immediately turn on an OLED TV after transportation- This is a continuation of the above myth. The fractured materials should be given sufficient time to readjust themselves and set down after transportation, which is false.
  3. Allow the TV to reach room temperature before turning it on- An OLED TV is designed in a way such that it can manage a wide temperature. You don’t have to wait for it to reach room temperature before switching it on.


In a nutshell, you shouldn't transport an OLED TV flat, because if the screen gets scratched it would be too costly for you to repair it. We won't recommend a repair because you would need to pay a price at which you can easily buy a new TV.

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