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Could you explain moving something, "bottom first"?

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Asked by Andrew

November 21, 2013 under Others

When moving an appliance down a set of stairs using an appliance dolly, is it easier to walk towards the stairs pushing the dolly, or should the mover back up to the stairs, essentially going down backwards?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

November 22, 2013

Hi, thanks for visiting! You raise an excellent question, and it's a problem that many people have to face when moving large, heavy appliances down flights of stairs. To answer your question, while there is not one specific "correct" method for moving a large appliance down a set of stairs, the safest way to do it is with three people -- one person at the top of the stairs holding the dolly steady and two people at the bottom of the dolly, guiding it down the stairs slowly and carefully. 

With large heavy items on a dolly, it's usually best to have at least two people because to evenly distribute the weight of the item and balance it properly.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to safely guide a large appliance down the stairs using a dolly:


  • With the help of at least one or two other people, lift the item off the ground by slightly tilting it to one side. Then, slide the bottom of the dolly underneath the appliance and tilt the dolly back towards you slowly, while one person holds each side of the appliance to keep it steady. 
  • Once the appliance is securely on the dolly, wrap it with a moving blanket and secure it with moving straps to keep it fixed steadily to the dolly. 
  • Pushing the appliance towards the stairs, have one or two people grab the dolly and the appliance from the bottom and gently ease both of the wheels down onto the top step. 
  • Then, with the help of two people at the bottom guiding the item down each step, slowly push the dolly gently down the stairs, going one step at a time and counting off each step so both the person at the top and the people at the bottom are aware of how many more steps are left until the item reaches the bottom.
If at any time the item becomes too heavy to maneuver and you need to stop and reposition yourself, let the other people know so they can stop as well. The amount of people you need to help you move the item will depend on several factors, such as the size of the item itself, the size of the staircase you need to move it down (how wide or narrow it is, how many stairs, how steep it is, etc.) and the position and location of the staircase in your home or apartment building. 
To learn more about how to safely move large items and just about any other moving-related topic, visit our moving guides page to browse our collection of over 1,200 different moving guides.  


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