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Does Estimate bind interstate mover if I say yes?

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Asked by Steve

August 7, 2014 under Others

Mover said he could do it peak or non-peak season. Now, 10 days after initial estimate, he says he cant do it at all. Nothing was ever signed because Ive been waiting for a revised estimate. Did sending me that estimate commit them in any way or am I simply screwed and must start over?

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

August 8, 2014

Good morning and thanks for visiting, I'd be glad to help you with your question about moving estimates.

From what you've stated in your question, it sounds as though you went through the steps of choosing a moving company and received your estimates. However, because you didn't sign any contracts with them they are essentially still free to commit to other jobs which may be what happened in this case and now the company is simply unavailable to move you that day.

If you had signed your contract and both you and the company had agreed to a moving date, then it would be a different story. With a binding estimate the only "binding" aspect is the price.

Moving estimates

There are three types of moving estimates:

  • Nonbinding: The mover will provide you with the estimated cost of your move but won't be able to give you the exact price until moving day when everything is weighed.
  • Binding: The estimate is concrete and will not change depending on the acutal weight of the shipment.
  • Binding not-to-exceed: The cost of your move will not exceed the estimated price. The price will only be adjusted if it is lower.

Moving quotes

If you've already received quotes from other companies, which is recommended when trying to choose a moving company, you could reach out to the other companies you contacted and see if they are available to move you.

If they are not available, you can fill out a free quote form on our site and you'll be connected with moving companies in your area. You can also read reviews about the hundreds of companies in our network and gather more information in our moving guides section.

I hope this helps you with your question. Thank you for visiting and best of luck with your move.

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