Should you use a storage container for your move?
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Ga. to Fl. moving quote of 1,110 to unload contents to storage & reload and deliver. Why not use a storage container?

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Asked by Bruce

August 19, 2013 under Others

interstate company quote included labor to unload truck to storage and then repack truck and deliver to new home. Should I look at companies that will use storage container to save a 1,000 dollars

Answered by Staff Writer

August 21, 2013

Welcome to and thank you so much for entrusting our moving experts with your question about storage containers.

Though cannot inform you on what to do directly, we can lead you in the right direction by making suggestions as far as your inquiry is concerned. Considering the cost of a 1,100 ton being moved from Georgia to Florida, which is close to the price for a one-bedroom apartment transported 500 miles at around $1,600, and you have a base number to begin working off when comparing respective companies to hire.

If of course it is cheaper to go with using a storage container service rather than a full-service moving company since the cost is less than the $1,600 then that may seemingly be the wisest financial route to travel while making your move from state-to-state. However, if you live in a sector of Georgia that is close to where you will moving to in Florida, you may not necessarily be making a long-distance move, hence it is important to know the exact mileage between your old home and new digs before calling companies for qoutes.

Second, and most importantly, whether you use a moving company that will utilize the efficiency of a storage container or a full service moving company that may not, there are certain questions you should ask any moving service.

After you have asked aforementioned and have made what I hope is both a successful and fruitful move, please take a moment to fill out a moving review so others may benefit from your experience, and once again, thank you for visiting


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