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I just want to know bottom line . How much would it coast me to move a 5 by room to portland, org from san diego, ca

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March 4, 2013 under Moving Companies

Answered by Nicole La Capria

April 19, 2013

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Portland, Oregon is 928 miles from San Diego, California. This qualifies your relocaton as a long-distance move. Unlike local movers that typically charge by the hour, long-distance movers charge you based on the distance you are traveling and the weight of your shipment. The price of your long-distance move will depend on the moving service you require as well as the weight of your goods.

Full Service Moving

Full-service movers load your belongings, transport them to your new location, and unload them when they arrive. You can also pay extra for packing services to have the movers carefully wrap and box up all or just some of your belongings (such as furniture or breakables like electronics, china and glassware). For a long-distance move of approximately 1,000 miles, here are some rough estimates for full-service:

  • One-bedroom apartment: $2,100
  • Two bedroom apartment: $2,600
  • Three-bedroom house: $4,700
  • Four-bedroom house: $6,000
  • Five-bedroom house: $8,500

Do-It Yourself Move

You may also opt to rent a moving truck and pack, load and transport all of your belongings youself for a more cost-effective move. For a move from San Diego to Portland, U-Haul offers the following rates:

  • Apartment up to two bedrooms (14' truck): $1,700
  • Home up to two bedrooms (17 ' truck): $1,735
  • Home up to three bedrooms (20' truck): $2,000
  • Home with four or more bedrooms (26' truck): $2,800

Other Moving Options

Another popular money-saving moving service is You Pack, We Load. A portable storage unit will be delivered to your home, where you will load your self-packed belongings at your leisure. When you are ready, a driver will pick up the unit and deliver it directly to the door of your new home. Additionally, if you rent a truck or a storage container, you can hire moving labor to simply aid you in loading your things.

To compare free quotes from various moving services for your upcoming relocation from San Diego to Portland, you can fill out the fast and easy quote form right here at Movers.com! Don't forget to stop back and tell us all about your experience by writing a moving review!

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