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How many moving estimates should be taken?

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Asked by Wes

November 21, 2012 under Others

I’m getting ready to move soon and I’m looking to hire a moving company, but want to compare quotes from a few of them first to get a good idea of what I can expect to pay. How many moving companies should I get estimates from before I make a decision?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

November 28, 2012

When you're planning on relocating, the first thing you're going to need is a moving estimate.  Try to get anywhere from 3 to 7 estimates from reputable and reliable moving companies in your area that can move you to your new home. Getting an accurate estimate depends on the size of the move, weight of your belongings and the type of move.

Make sure to do a background check on these moving companies on your own and ask them any questions you have regarding your upcoming move. The moving company that passes your background check, has good reviews from previous customers, answers all of your questions and gets back to you promptly with all the information you need and most importantly, fits your moving budget, is the winner. has been providing its customers with competitive moving quotes all over the United States from the most reputed and reliable moving companies. Compare and save!

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Hope this helps.

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