Student moving from Appleton,WI to Cochabamba,Bolivia.
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Help moving student from Appleton, WI to Cochabamba, Bolivia?

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Asked by Elodie

June 17, 2014 under International Moving

I need to move about 8 carton boxes (24x20x14 inch.) from 25 to 30 pounds (used clothes, books,desktop material, bath products, ,..).

Answered by Cassandra Rose

June 17, 2014

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit us here at

It sounds like you're looking for a quote on moving a student from Appleton, WI to Cochabamba, Bolivia.

International movers

To get this accomplished, you will need to find international movers in your area.

This will be even easier since you already know roughly how many boxes will need to be shipped and the weight of each one.

To get an international moving estimate, head over to our website for some quick, easy and free quotes that will be sent right to your email. It couldn't be easier!

Shipping tips

To make shipping these items internationally as smooth as possible, familiarize yourself with how to ship packages to other countries and the regulations for shipping overseas as certain household goods and items are not authorized to be shipped out of the US.

For an even safer experience, look into how to find trustworthy international movers and avoid moving scams.

Thanks for your question, and good luck with your international move!

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