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How do you move heavy furniture?

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Asked by Elisa

January 14, 2021 under Others

How can I move my heavy furniture items like sofa and refrigerator

Answered by Staff Writer

November 16, 2021

Moving furniture isn't easy. Sometimes, it can be dangerous even if you hire movers to help you move your heavy furniture like a sofa, bed, washing machine, and fridge. Following are the steps to find out the best ways to move heavy furniture.

how do you move heavy furniture?

Before you pack and move your furniture, here’s something you need to do and learn how to protect heavy furniture.

  • Make your pathway clear so you can easily move your object without causing any damage.
  • If you have a lot of heavy items to move, make sure to hire professionals.
  • Consider finding the right truck rental, if you are moving furniture by yourself to get the job done.
  • Besides, you need to book the right size moving truck as you might not want to leave any of your important belongings behind.

Make sure to separate the unwanted items, before you pack your moving boxes. Perhaps, you will donate furniture and do something helpful.

Have a proper plan before you pack and move your furniture

Before you move, have a proper plan and make sure where you want to move the heavy item. Also, while moving, measure the heaviest items and the large pieces of furniture to check whether if they are not so big to move into your doorways and staircases.

Figure out what needs to be disassembled

Usually while moving house, you have to empty your cupboard, dressers, and bed boxes and pack them separately. Because heavy items like dressers can’t be moved with all the items inside as they will be too heavy to lift and move. So, it is important to take off each part of the furniture before you move.

Basics to follow when disassembling the furniture

  • After detaching table legs, pack all the screws, nuts , and bolts in a separate bag.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the flat tv screen mounts.
  • Remove the mirrors from the dresser and pack them safely using moving blankets.

Protect your furniture with bubble wrap and moving blankets

Wrapping the furniture with moving blankets and bubble wrap before you move them onto the truck is one of the best ways to avoid causing damage to your furniture and home. However, if you have any furniture with glass, use furniture pads or towels, or any other blankets to protect and secure them while moving.

Items like sofas and chairs should always be packed using shrink wrap to prevent damage. Keep in mind that you do not use shrink wrap or bubble wrap to protect your wood furniture because it may leave any scar or any mark that may permanently damage the furniture.

Make use of furniture sliders

It’s very difficult to lift and carry your heavy furniture even if you hire someone for help. Your hardwood floors may get scratched if you try to drag heavy furniture along without any slider. Furniture sliders make it possible to move your heavy object easily without causing any damage.

Is it okay to move furniture over stairs

You may have tall and heavy furniture items like cabinets and refrigerators to move. To handle them carefully, make sure to have someone for help. Ask your friend to carry the other side, help in lifting furniture about 45 degrees, and then carefully move the large furniture items. (Be careful about walls, doors, and staircases while moving). In case you want to learn more about it, consider checking out our guides on moving heavy furniture upstairs.

Use wheels to move heavy furniture

  • 4-wheeler: 4-wheeler is a great tool for moving large, heavy items onto the truck.
  • Hand truck: A 2-wheeled dolly would easily carry heavy furniture. Besides, it is easy to carry up and down the stairs, also you can easily turn it around the corners while moving.
  • Moving straps: It is a moving tool to help you lift any heavy piece of furniture easily through the stairs. For this, you will need one more person to carry the object.
  • Wear gloves: In order to get a good grip on the furniture and to prevent any damage, you will need to wear your hand gloves along with anti-slips so you can handle the furniture safely.

If you have decided to carry your heavy furniture upstairs all by yourself, make sure you have someone to help you out and get the job done. You have tools that will help ease the moving process. Of course, moving furniture over the stairs is very complex and but with the right equipment, the furniture is easy to handle. If you still have any questions on moving heavy furniture, read our guides on how to safely carry the furniture.

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