How do you move in three days?
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How do you move in 3 days?

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Asked by Deb

December 30, 2020 under Others

If you are planning to make a move in three days, this guide has some specific solutions for you.

Answered by Staff Writer

November 29, 2021

packing and moving tipsIf you are wondering, how do you move in three days, we have some fantastic ways for you. Everything should be thoughtfully planned and executed. Packing at the last moment might cause greater stress and will not give you sufficient time as well.

Tips to Pack and Move in 3 Days

Do you think it's possible to move in three days? Of course, it can be done, but you need to start it spontaneously. You need to sort out your belongings and plan what you may carry with you and what you want to leave behind. Let’s read the points below and gain a better understanding of how to move in three days.

Begin Immediately - Start packing as soon as possible, as making delays might create a big mess for you.

Select the essential belongings - If you have less time, it doesn’t seem possible to pack all your belongings. You may consider wrapping up all your necessary belongings first and then decide among others what you might want to get rid of.

Choice of Essential Items

  • Important documents, clothing, and toiletries.
  • Carry those items, with which you have lots of memories attached.
  • Examine the conditions of your belongings first and then decide if it’s worth carrying along with you or not.

Have proper knowledge of non-permissible products - Research on the mover that you have selected or the state law where you will make the move. Try to identify the products which aren't permissible to be shipped from one state to another.

Besides, don’t make the mistake of ignoring this step, as there are certain restrictions which might have been imposed for your safety only.

Establish a Packing Timetable - If you create a packing routine, you will save both your time and effort. Alternatively, if you choose a normal or random approach, you may end up making numerous mistakes, while you do your packing.

Thus, having a plan in place might keep you motivated as well as organized from the beginning to the end.

Collect the relevant packing supplies - It’s advisable for you to accumulate the packing supplies in advance. You may read below identify what packing supplies you might need to collect in advance.

  • You may collect used moving boxes for packing your belongings as this might minimize your expenses.
  • Other moving alternatives might include searching for free moving boxes or visiting stores to buy new boxes. ?
  • Also, you might need to ensure that your packing supplies are strong enough for storing your belongings. Otherwise, you might fall into a mess, in case your moving boxes break, after you have completed the entire packing.
  • Purchase packing materials of various size, color, and shape as this might make it easy for to differentiate in between the boxes.

Develop a moving inventory - It’s better to click pictures of your moving items, instead of establishing a detailed inventory. This will serve as solid proof of your belongings, as there are chances that it might get damaged or lost during the transit.

Seek Help - In case of any problems, don’t feel reluctant to ask your friends or families for help. If you do so, you will save a lot of time and effort that you might have invested, had the entire workload been upon you.

Day By Day Planner

Day 1

  • Begin creating your plans as you might want to ensure a smooth long distance moving.
  • ?Invest time in sorting out items that you might want to carry along with you. Also, you may decide upon the items that you might want to donate.
  • Collect the packing materials and book a moving truck if you haven’t done it yet. Avoid keeping the transport reservation for the last day, as this might create huge chaos for you.
  • You might want to consider the different options, when it comes to hiring pickup trucks. If you think you don't want to take further stress, consider hiring full service moving companies. Moreover, you need to take moving quotes from different companies that offer moving services and then only take your call.

Day 2

  • On this day you need to finish sorting and go ahead packing your belongings.
  • By this time, you need to have all the packing items as well as moving supplies at one place. In this way, you will wrap up your packing process quickly. You may use cardboard boxes to pack your belongings safely.
  • Keep your medicines, keys, first-aid box, and emergency kit in a separate bag, which you might label as "essentials."

Day 3

  • Don't forget, that this is the final day, you need to close and label each of the moving boxes.
  • Check carefully and comprehensively if you have missed packing any item.
  • Relax for some time as you require to travel on the next day.
  • Loading and unloading might make your tired. Hence, you may opt for hiring moving labor as they will help load and unload your belongings from the cargo van.

If you use these hacks smartly and judiciously, you be able to move in three days successfully. In short, you will experience less stress and good health throughout the moving process.

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