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How do you pack a dining table for moving?

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Asked by Kara

December 27, 2020 under Others

We will help you with the right ways to pack your dining table and make it ready for a hassle-free move.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 20, 2022

packing dining tableA good-quality dining table is one of the most precious pieces of furniture in your house. So, you can never expect to leave it behind or sell it when you relocate to a new house. Moving a dining table is not an easy task as a large dining table will be heavy and inconvenient to handle. You need to handle it with care as it would be susceptible to damages.

You should provide the best protection for your dining table, if you want it to reach your new destination safely without any scratches and in one piece.

How do you pack a dining table set for moving?

  • You should consider disassembling a dining table and its chairs as this will make them compact and easy to transport. If you have disassembled your dining set, you can reduce the chances of an injury during the move as well as protect the walls and floors of your house from scratches. You will need to remove any nuts and bolts from your dining table and its chairs. You can tape them to the chair they belong to as you might need them to reassemble your furniture, after reaching your new home.
  • If you have a glass tabletop, you need to take it out first and then lay it upside down on a moving blanket. Later, you can detach the table legs as well as leaves and if possible, wrap each piece with a moving blanket.

If you don't have sufficient time to pack your dining table set or simply don't want to take any risk, consider hiring professional movers. This will help you save time as well as reduce your stress, creating a smooth experience for you.

Tip: You may take pictures of your dining table before you disassemble for the move. This will help you to reassemble it later and serve as proof of its original condition, in case of any damage during the move.

How to save your dining set from scratches?

Here are a few ways in which you can best pack your dining table and prevent it from getting damaged.

Glass tabletops

  • Consider measuring the thickness of your glass tabletop first and then wrap it with craft paper and masking tape tightly. This will keep the tabletop intact and prevent it from smashing everywhere even if it gets cracked during the move.
  • You should make use of furniture pads and then bubble wraps to wrap the whole dining table.
  • The bubble wraps will protect your dining table from scratches and cracks, while the furniture pads will not let the bubbles leave an impression on the glass.

Wooden tabletops

  • Avoid using plastic wraps directly on the wooden tabletops as this can cause moisture and spoil the finishing of your wooden furniture.
  • You should use moving blankets to wrap and tape your wooden tabletops safely. Make sure to cover each corner and edge or other susceptible areas of the dining table with the furniture pad.
  • You can buy protective corners for your dining table and provide an additional layer of protection from abrasions and scratches.

Tips to wrap a dining table for moving

  • Consider folding the pieces of wrinkled cardboard towards the corners and edges of the dining table. Mostly, this technique needs to be applied to those parts of the table which are more susceptible to being broken or chipped during the move.
  • While you cover the tabletop with a moving blanket, make sure to overlap them by a minimum of one foot. Also, you need to apply the packing tape over the tabletop as you may want to keep it intact in one place.
  • If the moving blanket can't completely wrap your dining table, you can tape them beneath the table.
  • You need to avoid using tape directly on the table surface as this will leave a sticky residue and spoil your wooden tabletop.

If you are still not confident of executing the above steps correctly, hiring professional movers can be the ultimate solution. You can connect with and enjoy a seamless experience by making sure that your precious reaches safely and in a good condition to your new destination.

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