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How should I prepare for a mover?

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Asked by Chris

December 25, 2020 under Others

How can I prepare for movers?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 15, 2021

Preparing for a move is always time taking whether you are moving just a few miles away or relocating to another part of the country. Although you can hire full-service movers to take care of everything, there are certain preparations that you will need to handle before your movers arrive. This will ensure that the moving crew can get to work as soon as they reach your house.

Things to do before the movers arrive

From keeping everything out of the movers' way to guiding the movers on which items need to be moved, there are several small tasks that you can take charge of. Here is a list of everything you should do before the movers arrive on the moving day:

  1. Set aside items you do not want to move: If there is any unwanted item that you do not wish to move, keep it aside in one room to make sure the moving crew doesn’t pack it by any chance.
  2. Packing and labeling: If you are willing to pack the small boxes by your own, make sure they are packed and labeled before the movers arrive. Once the crew comes, you won’t have time to do any packing or labeling as you will be busy guiding them and overseeing other parts of the move.
  3. Clean your house: To prepare for full-service movers, properly clean your house and wipe off the dust from every item, especially the furniture. This way, the crew can start with disassembly, packing, and loading the items straight away.
  4. Pack your valuables: There are certain valuables like jewelry, cash, and documents that you need to move yourself. Before the movers arrive, keep all such belongings safely in your bag and keep it somewhere out of reach of everyone else.
  5. Clear the pathway: Keep everything out of the movers’ way to ensure they have enough space to move in and out while loading the boxes onto the moving truck. You do not want the movers to trip over anything in the hallway while they are handling your valuable items.
  6. Plan the parking: Before the movers arrive at your doorstep in a moving truck, fix a parking spot where they can park the vehicle. This is especially important if you are living in a busy street where there is a lack of space. You need to find a parking space for the moving truck ahead of the moving day to avoid any last-minute chaos. You may also have to ask the building manager about using the service elevator for the move.
  7. Take care of your pets and kids: A house on moving day is not an ideal place for either kids or pets. Not only will they come in your way, they might also create chaos on your already busy day. You can arrange for a babysitter/ pet sitter or make sure someone is there to take care of your little ones.
  8. Unplug your electronic devices: Even if your movers are there to pack your electronic appliances and devices, you need to unplug everything and keep the chords safely in a box.
  9. Take pictures: If you are packing everything yourself, take pictures of the boxes before the movers load them onto the truck. This way you will know that everything has safely reached your destination and no box is missing. Take photos of cables and cords so it will help you re-connect all wires once you unpack at your new place.
  10. Dispose of hazardous material: There are certain items like flammable and poisonous material that can’t be moved into the truck. So, make sure you dispose of all such hazardous material that movers won’t move.
  11. Empty the gas and oil: If you have any gas-powered tools like a lawnmower or a propane-filled barbeque, make sure you empty all the gas/oil from the items so you can move them safely.
  12. Prepare for the weather: If it’s a rainy day or there is snow on the ground, you need to make arrangements to ease the process for the crew. Although some movers will lay out a plastic mat to protect your floor, not every moving company is prepared for it. So, make sure you have cleaning supplies with you and lay out a plastic cover to prevent the movers from slipping.

Overall, before the movers arrive, keep everything ready for the move. This will not only save the moving crew’s time but will also avoid any last-minute confusion.

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