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To load and unload a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment, how much can we expect to pay approximately for about 10 miles?

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Asked by Elizabeth

October 26, 2012 under Moving Companies

Answered by Robert Moreschi

April 15, 2013

Figuring out the cost of your move is one of the first steps involved with planning your move and preparing for it. It's difficult to go into the moving process and to prepare your moving budget without really knowing what your move will cost you and how much you can expect to pay movers. 

Considering the details that you've provided, you can expect to pay anywhere between $900-$1,300 for your move. A three-bedroom house move typically takes around 6-8 hours to complete, depending on the distance you are moving (only 10 miles in your case), at around $150 to $170 an hour for your movers, based on a standard moving team of about 3-4 movers. 

The cost of a move depends on several different factors, with the most important being the size of your move and the distance that you will be moving. It also largely depends on what kind of moving services you wish to avail for your move and if you will be requiring any special moving services as well. In your case, you have provided the main details of your move, so it shouldn't be too difficult to give a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay your movers for your move.

The size of your move, a 3-bedroom house, will typically yield a moving shipment of around 10,000 pounds, on average. This shipment size is close to the average weight for most moves. Since you will be moving the contents of a 3-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment, you may want to also consider storage facilities to store any items that you cannot fit in your new home. These are separate costs which, if storage is necessary for you during or after your move, you will need to fit into your moving budget and adjust for the costs.

Your move of only about 10 miles in distance is an important factor in figuring out the cost of your move. A 10-mile move is considered a local move, since it is less than 50 miles, and this should bring down the total cost of the move significantly. For one, local movers charge on a per-hour basis, and with your destination being only a short drive from your origination, the move shouldn't take longer than one day, depending on the items you are moving and the overall difficulty of the move itself.

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