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how to hold down carpet runners

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Asked by Yolanda

November 9, 2014 under Others

i have new carpet, i bought a roll of clear carpet runner, what i want to no is ,how to keep the carpet runner in place, ive try to nail the runner to the carpet but it it buckles up, what can i use to make the runner stay in place,and lay flat (smooth without wrinkles0

Answered by Mike Sannitti

November 10, 2014

Thanks for using Movers.com for help with your question about holding a carpet runner in place.

There are a variety of products designed to keep carpet runners from sliding or buckling. You will have to consider the specifics of your carpet before choosing a particular item.

Carpet pads

The best option would be to buy and use a high quality carpet pad. These pads add cushioning under the runner and should add enough friction between the runner and the carpet to keep the runner flat and in place. It is important to choose a pad designed to go over carpeting because pads designed for going over hard floors may not be effective.

Rug grips

Rug grips are the best option if a carpet pad seems insufficient. They are usually plastic on top to grip the runner, and rubber on the bottom to grip the carpet. They can sometimes be bought in strips so you can place them strategically to stabilize your runner in problem areas.

Hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners

The most drastic option for securing your carpet runner is to use hook and loop fasters, more commonly known as "Velcro" (which is a brand name). If your carpet can act as the loop part of the "Velcro", you will only need to adhere the hook strips to your runner. If that does not catch enough, you'll have to use both hook and loop strips between the runner and the carpet. This is your last choice because the strips will have to adhere directly to the carpet, which could damage it.

All of these products can be found online using a genreal search. If you can find anything specifically designed for the type of carpet and runner you have, it would be best. Good luck.

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