I need a large secretarial armoire moved asap.
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I need a large secretarial armoire moved asap. My family committed to taking it, but did not pick it up an I am closing on my house tomorrow. My mov

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Asked by Donita

September 19, 2017 under Others

Can I get an armoire moved asap? Thank you.

Answered by Kelly Martini

September 19, 2017

Hello, and thank you contacting Movers.com with your question about moving an armoire!

While we cannot provide exact pricing, we can connect you to our network of professional companies to aid you in this task. Because an armoire is a very large item, you should hire a special moving company to transport it to your new location.

Special movers
Hire special movers to relocate oversized and oddly shaped items like armoires and other specialized items. Their staff will be professionally trained to handle your belongings with care during transportation, and the company will own all equipment and tools necessary to complete the job.

Get a quote
To get a quote, fill out our easy and hassle-free quote form. We will connect you with up to seven licensed professionals, so you can choose what best fits your budget and time frame. Don't forget to compare quotes and experience from at least three different ones before committing to a company.

Thank you again for your question, and good luck with your move!

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