Mover won't deliver shipment or return calls what do I do.
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Mover won't deliver shipment or return calls

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Asked by Vicki

July 21, 2017 under Others

What can a customer do when a mover has their money and their belongings and refuses to tell when the delivery will be made? What recourse do I have?

Answered by Michael Meerovich

July 21, 2017

Hello and thank you for contacting with your question! These types of situations are unfortunately not uncommon. The best option for you would be to file a complaint with the authorities and the moving company. There are a couple of ways to do this.  

File a complaint
In the event you do find yourself scammed, you still have the right to fight for your property and money. Check out our guide for filing complaints with your moving company, or check out this website if your property is being held hostage. Remember to always do your research before hiring a mover!

Thank you again for contacting, and good luck on all your future moving endeavors!

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