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Asked by Nico,

October 16, 2013 under Auto Transport

Hi, I am planning to move in Italy, do you move also Motorcycles.

Answered by Robert Moreschi

October 17, 2013

Hi, thanks for visiting! You've come to the right place to find out all you need to know about your move to Italy and about shipping your motorcycle overseas. While I can't provide you with a mover directly, I can help point you in the right direction to help you find the right moving company to ship your motorcycle overseas and I can also provide you with relevant information regarding your move. 

Making an international move

If you're moving overseas, your best course of action is to get right down to business and begin planning your move as soon as you can. Planning an international move can take some time, so starting early is important. To find international movers that can handle your move and shipping your motorcycle to Italy, I suggest visiting our International Movers page and clicking on the Get Quotes button at the top. After filling out the form with the necessary info, you'll be contacted by up to 7 different moving companies who will be able to provide you with quotes for your move, so you can pick the one that best suits you. 

Shipping your motorcycle

Since it's not easy to ship vehicles like automobiles and motorcycles, you should expect to pay a bit more for your shipment than you normally would. Prior to moving, you should prepare your motorcycle for its journey:


  • Empty the gas tank, leaving only a small amount of gas in it. Shipping your motorcycle with a full tank of gas can be dangerous and it also will make your motorcycle heavier, potentially costing you more in the long run. Empty the tank prior to the move, leaving only enough gas for it to be moved on and off of the freighter. 
  • Remove any attachable parts and pack them separately. If you have any accessories on your motorcycle that can potentially come loose during the move, you should remove them and pack them separately to avoid having them fall off during the move and breaking or, even worse, disappearing altogether. 
  • Do your research. When deciding on a moving company, especially an international mover, make sure you do the proper background research prior to hiring them, to make sure that you're dealing with a reputable and honest moving company. 


 To learn more about the moving process and how to safely and securely ship your motorcycle overseas, visit our moving guides page where you'll find over 1,000 different moving guides on just about every topic. 

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Hope this helps! 

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