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what is the best to use for shipping frozen foods overseas, a freight forwarder or a shipper?

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Asked by Haleem

September 30, 2013 under International Moving

what is the best option for shipping frozen foods overseas? use a shipping company or a freight forwarder?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

October 3, 2013

Hi, thanks for visiting! To answer your question, your best option for shipping frozen foods overseas would be to use a shipping company. While it's not an uncommon practice to ship food internationally, there are some things you should be aware of before shipping.

Check the shipping regulations in the destination country

Before you send anything, check the shipping regulations for the country you plan on shipping the food to. They will often have a list of the kinds of foods that you are permitted to ship into the country from overseas, as well as a list o the prohibited food items that may not enter the country. Check this list to make sure that the food you are sending is allowed to be shipped into the country.

Find a shipping company that offers climate-controlled shipping

Since you'll be shipping frozen foods, it's important that you ship your food with an international shipping company that has climate-controlled cargo to keep your food nice and cold upon arrival in the destination country. Overseas shipping, especially perishable items, can be fairly expensive, so you want to make sure that your food arrives fresh and unspoiled, or else you would be wasting a good amount of money.

How to properly pack your food

When shipping frozen food overseas, it's important that you pack the food properly to ensure that it isn't spoiled before it arrives at its destination.

  • Pack it in the appropriate container. Make sure that your food is packaged in a sturdy container that won't break or be crushed or damaged while in transit. Also, since you're shipping frozen food, make sure the container is insulated and is sealed properly.
  • Include any and all forms with your package. If you are shipping food internationally, you may need to fill out some customs forms from the destination country. Be sure to include these with your package if necessary.
  • Clearly label the package. Since you will be shipping perishable goods, you should label the package clearly on each side, indicating that there are perishable goods contained inside.

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