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Shipping Packages Internationally

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When sending packages around the world, it's important that you know how to label them. If you are sending packages internationally during your move, then you'll need to choose a carrier that can best suit your needs.

Types of Carriers and Shipping Services

You have various carrier options to choose from, like DHL, UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Many carriers have services to help you send packages internationally and websites that can give you shipping quotes.

Typically, most carriers will offer the following services:
  • International Delivery
  • Express International Delivery
  • International Freight Shipping
  • Same-day shipping
International freight shipping and same-day shipping services may not be offered through your carrier, so make sure to check if these services are available online or contact the shipper directly.

Preparing Your International Shipment

There will be documentation required for each international shipping method. This can be located on a carrier's website or at their store locations.

In terms of labeling, certain carriers will require that you fill out one of their international shipment labels. You may be able to print out the required label from the shipper's website or at the carrier's location.

TIP: International packages must be physically handed to your shipper even if you printed postage or labels at home.

Lastly, you will need to complete a U.S. Customs form with any other required documents to send your package. The Customs form can be obtained through your carrier and you'll need to fill in the following information:
  • The sender's and recipient's contact information
  • The package's contents
  • The approximate value of the package's contents
After you've fulfilled the international shipping requirements, make sure you receive a tracking number so you can see the status of the package.

Shipment Considerations

Checking with your carrier regarding which items are not allowed into a country can prevent issues with delivering your package. Different shipping restrictions may apply for individual countries, but any explosives, dangerous chemicals, corrosives, and other hazardous materials won't be shipped.

If you are shipping to a country that uses non-Roman letters, such as Russia, Israel, or Japan, then provide the address in English along with the other language.

You want your packages to reach their destination. Make sure that you have followed the shipper's requirements to ensure that your international packages are handled properly.

TIP: You may be able to request pick-up service for your properly labeled international packages. Make sure to contact your shipper to confirm that pick-up service is available. You will still need to physically hand your package to the shipper.

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