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Online Inventory Checklist - No In-home Estimate

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Asked by Jennifer

June 5, 2017 under Others

On your "Avoiding Moving Frauds and Scams" article, it states I should be offered an in-home estimate. However, almost all of the moving companies (10+) that have contacted me have made me do my own inventory checklist online instead of an in-home estimate. They have licenses apparently.. is this a reputable way of getting an estimate? Should I automatically disregard all that have asked me to do an online inventory myself?

Answered by Kelly Martini

June 6, 2017
Hi, and thank you for your question about in-home estimates!

We advise our customers to avoid movers that don't agree to come to your home to perform an evaluation of your goods. Although, not every mover will automatically ask to do this. If you ask the company to come do an in-home estimate, but the mover insists on only giving you one over the phone, then they might be a rogue mover. And if a company refuses to go to your home before committing, then you will have no idea what their business practices will be like.

However, smaller companies may not have the time or available staff for an in-home estimate. Do you feel as though the company is trustworthy? Their licenses check out. They do not ask for cash up front. They have a legitimate website and good customer reviews here at! If these are all or mostly all true statements, ask if the company will provide a contract that confirms the price and disallows them to upcharge you the day of.

I hope this has been helpful. Good luck on your move!
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