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Quotation from Bogota Colombia to Sallas Texas Consolidated

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Asked by M.Cormane

April 27, 2014 under International Moving

I have 12 Cubic Feet of House Hold Items, all packed and ready to go From Bogota, Colombia to Plano TX 75074 via Consolidate, How much it is, By boat?

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

April 28, 2014

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An international move can be stressful, so making sure you're as prepared as you can be is very helpful, and if all your items are already packed, it sounds like you're right on track for your move to Texas!

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International Movers

If you're still trying to find a company to move your items, you can fill out a free international moving quote form to get an in-house estimate from a company in your area.


While the amount of stuff you have to ship does play a role in the moving process, it is important to remember that the in-house estimate from the company is a rough estimate of what it will cost to move your items. The actual cost is determined by the total weight of your items that will be shipped. The size and amount of items will determine if your items will be shipped in a shared container or in their own container.

Be sure to get estimates from multiple companies when you're looking for someone to handle your items. Ask any questions that you may have ahead of time and do your best to make sure the companies you choose are reputable.

Thank you again for visiting Movers.com and we wish you luck with your move!

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