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Shipping or moving from Florida to California

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Asked by Virginia

November 5, 2013 under Others

My brother has a small storage unit and wants to ship the contents from Jacksonville to Berkeley. I am in Tucson and I am his Trustee and will assist in paying for it. Whats the least expensive method of doing that?

Answered by Jenna Farmer

November 5, 2013

Hi, and thanks for visiting to find an answer to your question. There are plenty of options for you to have belongings shipped cross-country – it’s just a matter of deciding what is right for your specific situation.

Many people do ship their belongings through regular mail/parcel service, for example, but if your brother has a storage unit (even a small one) full of bulky items, this will probably not be the best way to go financially.

Finding a moving service

Full-service movers generally have weight/cubic feet restrictions, and can therefore become rather expensive if you are paying for weight and space your shipment isn’t actually occupying. However, if your belongings weigh less than 2,000 pounds, you would qualify for what is called a small move.

Small moves

Small moving companies specialize in small shipments that are usually under 2,000 pounds (and usually charge by the weight of your shipment), and are specially trained to handle your specific moving needs. Assuming your goods are already packed in proper boxes in your storage unit, you will save money on packing materials as well.

Hiring small movers

If you want to get started in the hiring process, you can start here at by filling out our FREE quote form – you will get connected with up to seven reputable moving services in your area that will give you no obligation quotes.

Tips for hiring movers

You should always get an in-home estimate, conduct a thorough background check on the company, and ask them a number of important questions.You should also ask your movers about their DOT number and verify it on the FMCSA website to ensure they are reputable and not rogue movers. You should also ask about any extra fees you may be charged, such as costs for stair carries, long carries or packing materials.

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