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What do you do if items were lost during the move

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Asked by Lance

November 5, 2015 under Others

. I have an hot wheels and and star wars collection

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

November 5, 2015
Good afternoon, thanks for visiting Movers.com for help with your lost items. Items can be lost during a move for a number of reasons including confusion with other customers' belongings and theft. Here are some tips for what you should do after a move if items were lost during a move. 

Items lost during a move
First, you should look through all the boxes that were delivered to your home to ensure that your items are in fact missing. The box may be in a room in your home you haven't checked yet, or it may have been mislabeled, etc. It seems as though you already know that your items are missing and haven't been delivered to your new home. 

Your next step is to contact the moving company and see if they can track your missing box(es). If they can, then they should be able to give you an idea of when it will arrive at the destination. If they can't then you can file a claim. By law, you'll need to file a formally written claim in order to be awarded compensation for your items - most companies will have a claim form to fill out on their website or in their office. 

Filing the claim
The claim should be filed within nine months of the date your shipment was delivered and the moving company is required to acknowledge your claim within 30 days. Once it's acknowledged, they can either deny your claim or make an offer for reimbursement within 120 days. 

Thank you again for visiting Movers.com for help with your question. 
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