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What is a way to figure out how much storage is required?

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Asked by Melissa

December 14, 2012 under Self Storage

Im going to need to put some of my belongings in storage, but Im not sure what size storage unit I need. I dont want to get one too small and not be able to fit all of my things, but I also dont want to overpay for a bigger unit than I need. How can I decide which size is best?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

December 14, 2012
There are five standard storage unit sizes that range from a small 5 x 10 feet, to a massive 10 x 30 feet, and the way to figure out which size will work best for you all depends on what kind of items you plan on putting in it.

The first, and smallest, storage unit size is 5x10, which is basically equivalent to the size of a walk-in closet. It is 50 square feet in size and will typically fit one room of furniture, such as a sofa, chair, dresser, and mattress, along with a few additional boxes and appliances.

The next size is 10x10, or 100 square feet, which will usually fit all of the contents of a one bedroom apartment, along with enough leftover space to fit another few rooms worth of boxes, some appliances and other miscellaneous items like bicycles or even a motorcycle. The size equivalent of a 10x10 locker is roughly half of a one-car garage.

A 10x15 storage unit, with 150 square feet, is big enough to house all of the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or a small house, along with all other appliances, personal effects and boxes. It is the equivalent in size to a full one-car garage. The next size up, a 10x20 is big enough to store all of the contents of a small house or townhouse, including everything else that goes with it like appliances and personal effects. It is also big enough to store a car or truck, if you leave out the appliance and additional furnishings.

The final size, and the largest standard size for a storage unit, is 10x30, or 300 square feet. A 10x30 storage unit can be used for small business storage, and can also fit four rooms of furniture, boxes and miscellaneous items. It can also fit the contents of an entire moving van, along with the contents of a four-bedroom home and a car or truck.

With all of these choices, you can take a look at your moving inventory and what you are going to need to place in storage and make an educated decision about what size you will need when the time comes.

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