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What is the minimum weight to move household items?

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March 29, 2013 under Moving Companies

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April 19, 2013

Like every house on the block is different, so is the weight of every dwelling. But the bottom-line is the total heaviness of household items must be 2,000 lbs. to be moved by a professional company.

Small Moves

A small move is considered 2,000 lbs. or less, and there are undersized shipping companies that specialize in transporting lighter loads. Companies will transport even a single-item if hired to do so, moving a piano, hot tub or even a safe. Do not worry about the weight when it comes to hiring a company since they will be glad to get whatever you need, no matter how much it weighs, from your origin to destination.

Large Moves

While a small moving company considers 2,000 lbs. the minimum weight required to relocate your belongings, large companies will transport tons of weight. For example, the average weight of a five-bedroom home could be up to 20,000 lbs., including furniture and boxes. The main thing to remember is there are countless moving companies out there that will transport your belongings locally or long-distance no matter what the weight is.

Lightening the Load and Saving Money

Since one of the main factors that determines the cost of a moving companies service is weight, it is always wise to remove as much mass as possible before packing up the truck. Holding a yard sale is an excellent way to simultaneously downsize and make a little money for your move. There are many yard sale tips to help free you of a heap of household items. A tailored yard, sunny day and some tables of your stuff is sure to help you economize.

To research rates and receive quotes on small or large movers, visit for more information. After you choose the right company to help you relocate and arrive there safely, please take a moment to fill out a moving review so others can learn from your experience and make an informed decision for their move.

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