What type of trucks will be used to transport my car?
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What type of trucks will be used to transport a car?

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Asked by James

November 12, 2019 under Auto Transport

I want to ship my car without any damage. Can I know what type of trucks you will be used to transport vehicles?

Answered by Staff Writer

November 16, 2021

If you are reading this page, perhaps you want to learn how your vehicle is being transported We have a solution for you. There are two different methods you can use to ship your vehicle. Generally, you'll find open-air and enclosed car carriers to transport your vehicle.

However, there are many types of open and enclosed trailers which are used for both short and long distances. Decide which method is best suited for your car so it can move safely to its destination.

What type of truck will be used to transport a car?Open-air car carrier:

An open-air carrier is when you transport a vehicle that is exposed to the outside environment. Usually, many people prefer this method because it is both safe and cost-efficient to use. These car carriers come with multi-levels so you can ship multiple vehicles at a time. The following are the types of open-air carriers.

  • Single-level single-vehicle carriers are used to carry only one vehicle that is transported short distances.
  • Single-level multi-car carriers are used to ship multiple cars, especially heavy vehicles like SUVs. This truck can also be used for long distances.
  • Double/ Multi-level multi-car carrier used to transport 7-8 vehicles at a time.

The drivers who ship vehicles on open carriers are well-trained and know how to keep your vehicle safe while on the road.

Enclosed car carrier:

Enclosed trailers are fully covered trucks that will protect your vehicle from the outside environment during transport. If you're looking for safe and reliable auto transport, then you can choose to ship your vehicle to an enclosed car carrier. Use the below types of enclosed trailers to transport your vehicle.

  • A single-level single car can be used to ship luxury vehicles for short distances.
  • Single-level multi-car usually ships only two heavy vehicles at a time.
  • Multi-level multi-car ships multiple high valued vehicles at a time

Important Conditions to Select a Car Carrier

Whether you want to use an open trailer or enclosed trailer to ship your vehicle is entirely up to you. Open car trailers will be chosen by most people because it is the cheapest option to ship your vehicle.

While the enclosed trailer can be used to transport heavy vehicles like SUVs so that do not want to take any risk of damage while transit. However, they are not available all the time, and also you will need to pay an extra amount when you transport your vehicle with the enclosed carrier.

Ways to choose an auto transport company

When choosing an auto transport company, keep in mind that the cost of car shipping may be different for different car transportation companies. There are a lot of factors that might affect your car shipping rates, hence you need to check the shipping process.

Let's discuss a few such factors that might help you understand the average cost of vehicles shipping and ensure peace of mind.

  • Distance: The longer the distance, the higher the total cost of car shipping. Most companies charge based on the distance of the vehicle being transported. Also, the car shipping quotes play a vital role, when you decide to ship your car cross country.
  • Type of trucks used for transportation: Car shipping rates will also depend on the type of truck you choose. Usually, the open-air carriers are cheap, but they are not a safe option to transport your vehicles. While the enclosed trailer is expensive, as it protects your vehicle from outside weather, dust, and road debris.
  • Vehicle delivery options: Door-to-door shipping is easy, but it is expensive as compared to terminal-to-terminal shipping in which you need to go to the terminal for the pickup and delivery of your vehicle.
  • Type of vehicle: The size and model of your vehicle also determine the cost of shipping. It costs less for a classic car (simple four-seaters) and more for heavy vehicles like SUVs and trucks.

Final points to remember

No matter what type of car shipping method you choose, be sure you get quotes from at least three to four auto transport companies. By doing so, you will get to know which company to choose and how much it costs to ship your vehicle from your location. Also, consider checking the guide open vs. enclosed trailers as you might want to learn which type of truck to choose to transport your car Ensure to complete this you book an auto transport company.

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