Where can I buy a moving blanket
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Where can I buy a moving blanket?

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Asked by Kari

December 29, 2020 under Others

We will explore?various places?and?identify?the best?places to buy a moving blanket.

Answered by Staff Writer

December 16, 2021

best moving blankets If you have relocated, then you might be familiar with how items can become damaged during a move. But multiple strategies will help you protect your belongings, while you prepare yourself for the moving day.

Moving blankets are a necessity as you might not want your furniture or other possessions to get damaged while you relocate.

If you hire full-service movers, they will use moving blankets along with other packing supplies. But if you must purchase it, you will find endless options virtually.

Where can I buy a moving blanket?

Looking for the best deals in moving blankets? Let's explore a few places where you can get affordable furniture pads for your next move.

  • Home Depot - You may either opt for a supreme two-sided blanket or an affordable standard moving blanket which is manufactured using recycled fabrics. Premium moving blankets are available in two varied sizes with a knitted outer layer for upgraded durability and a non-knitted inner layer for safeguarding your furniture.

    • You can buy Stalwart's blue and black furniture pads, which are cushioned as well as non-knitted.
    • Though you may get discounts if purchase in large quantities, but the average price of moving blankets at Home Depot is $9.97- $36.97.
    • Finally, you can choose among 72"x 54, 80”x 72 and 144” x 80 sizes.
  • Lowes - At Lowes, you will find Blue Hawk's quilt-woven furniture pad along with other selections depending on outlet you have visited. The Blue Hawk model comes in a standard size of 80" x 72 with reinforced borders which may prevent any wear and tear. Moving blankets at Lowes is available for $19.99.

  • Harbor Freight - Haul- Master's double-knitted furniture pads are popular at Harbor Freight, though you can also find other varieties too. This product is ideal for preventing any kind of weathering of your furniture and is long-lasting. Black, blue, and camouflage are the three available colors, which cost something between $4.49- $10.99. Harbor Freight moving blankets are available in 50”x 40, 80”x 72 and 72”x40 sizes.

  • U-Haul Moving Blankets - At U-Haul, you will get recycled denim furniture pads, both long-lasting and environmentally friendly. The cost of moving a blanket here is $7.95. You may either get it delivered to your doorstep or collect it from the retail outlet itself. 80'' x 72" is the ideal size of furniture pads available at U-Haul.

  • Moving blankets Walmart - In Walmart, you will get a wide range of furniture pads from varied brands like US Cargo Control and Stalwart. Textile skin, extra thick, and quilt-woven moving blankets can be purchased from Walmart. You can grab a set of 24 textile skin furniture pads for $79.85 or a pack of 12 quilt-woven furniture pads for $68.95.

Moving Blanket Rentals

In case you are not willing to buy a moving blanket as you might not need them often, consider renting it from a truck rental company or moving storage company. This would be a cheaper deal for you.

  • Budget
  • Penske
  • U-Haul

How safe is a moving blanket?

If your items are often slipping and falling, moving blankets will not be able to provide them with complete protection. Mostly, people will prefer to hire professional movers for lifting and loading heavy items. Also, if you are looking for a DIY move, you must arrange for sufficient furniture pads, as you might not want to damage your furniture during the move.

Furniture-moving blankets are essential since you don't want to damage your furniture. You need to decide if you want to take them on rent or buy them and choose from where you can get them wisely. In a nutshell, think about your requirements and then decide which retailer can provide you with the same at the best price.

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