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where I can find the plastic-cover to wrap our mattress for delivery?

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Asked by Shuo

November 4, 2014 under Others

where I can find the plastic-cover to wrap our mattress for delivery?

Answered by Mike Sannitti

November 4, 2014

Thanks for visiting Movers.com, I'll be happy to answer your question about where to find a plastic cover for your mattress.

There are a variety of places where you can get packing materials like plastic wrap covers. You can go to a brick and mortar store, purchase one online, or pay for the movers to provide wrapping materials.

Brick and Mortar

This option takes the most work on your part, but if you want to avoid shipping fees and do not mind taking a trip somewhere, it is feasible. Places like Lowes or Home Depot may have mattress covers. Do a search for local stores and browse their inventories online to find where you can go get your cover. You should not waste your time by driving to a location only to find that they do not have a mattress cover in the appropriate size for you.

Moving Company

If you are using a moving company, you can have them provide their own packing materials which may include a plastic mattress cover. However, some companies may not feel the cover is necessary in a typical move, so be sure to ask them. You should also know that you will typically be charged an extra fee for any materials provided by the moving company.


The simplest way to get a mattress cover is to go through our packing materials section and order one. Twin, queen, and king-sized covers are all available to buy right there on the third row down. You just need to know the size of your mattress and have a few days to allow for shipping.

No matter where you get it, your cover should fit over your mattress snuggly and protect it from dirt and moisture. If you have any more concerns about packing mattresses, read our helpful guide on the subject.

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