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Will the movers move my plants?

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Asked by Marc

December 29, 2020 under Others

Will movers move my plants?

Answered by Katherine Broome

February 9, 2022

Packing and moving is usually a hassle and knowing what movers will move can be difficult. After all, your belongings are important to you, and you probably want to take most of your things with you (except for some clutter and trash here and there). Read on to see if movers will move your plants.

Moving plants

Moving Plants

Plants take time and energy, and sometimes it takes a green thumb to grow them that quite a few people just don't have. Naturally, you’ll want to take your plants with you when you move to your new home.

Unfortunately, most moving companies won’t move plants long-distance. However, some companies are more than willing to transport your plants on a short trip (as in less than 200 miles) so that your plants won’t die.

Besides killing your plants, the other reason movers won’t move your plants is state laws. Many states have regulations against bringing any agriculture across state lines due to potential diseases, insects, or even any other critters that might be hiding in your plants that aren’t native to that state.

We have a few tips on moving your plants for your upcoming move.

How To Move Your Plants

Here are some tips for moving your plants when you move:

  • Keep the state agriculture rules in mind - You can usually check online to see your specific state’s agricultural transport laws or call the state’s agriculture department for more information.
  • Make sure your plants are moist (not saturated) for the trip – While most plants can survive around nine days without water, research your specific plants’ needs and determine how long your travel time will be (include an extra day of travel to be on the safe side). Determine from there if your plants can survive without water for that amount of time.
  • Make sure they’re at the right temperature – Plants need to be at the perfect temperature, otherwise, they’ll die. When moving in the summer or winter; most plants will die when it is below freezing (30 degrees) or above 100 degrees. Since you can control the temperature in your car, you may want to bring them in with you to keep them at the correct temperature.
  • Keep them in plastic pots – Since clay and ceramic pots can get heavy and break easily, we recommend transporting your plants in plastic pots. While repotting your plants is dangerous for your plant, the benefits will outweigh the risk. If you decide to do this, make sure this is done at least three weeks in advance.
  • Trust your plants with you – Since many moving companies have rules against moving plants, we recommend moving your plants yourself. Don’t try to hide the plants from your movers, otherwise, you will void your contract and you’ll lose your insurance coverage and won’t be covered if your stuff is damaged.

If this is all too much for you, consider donating your plants to a local nursery, giving them to friends or neighbors, or you can even take a cutting of your plant and attempt to regrow it at your new home.

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