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3.5(13) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 3.2
Moving Services 3.7
Packing Services 3.4
Professionalism 3.8

71% Recommended based on user reviews

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Year of Estd: 1/1/1990

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Best Moving Van Lines-Local
850 Parker Street, Building A
Santa ClaraCA 95050 USA

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Toll Free: 877-733-7252
Phone: 408-215-9681
Fax: 408-215-9682

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No Photo Anonymous
June 20, 2016


They were good but very expensive.

They were a very good company but they were very expensive. That's the only problem I had with them. I had a small fridge, they didn't pack it properly and I noticed a dent on the door.

Origin : Richmond, CA
Destination : El Sobrante, CA

No Photo Jane
December 23, 2015


It was horrible.

We were overcharged by $293. We were moving on a Sunday so there was no representative able to speak to us and the driver wouldn't unload the full load unless we paid the money. He way overcharged us...so we forced to pay $900 when it was supposed to be six-something. He was an hour and a half late. We were guaranteed between 8 and 10 and he didn't show up until 11:30.

Origin : Gilroy, CA
Destination : Gilroy, CA

No Photo Anonymous
November 25, 2014

Basically it was OK

Nothing was damaged, that's the most important thing. Everything was finished on time. The guy also helped me move my big screen TV. So basically, it was OK.

Origin : Sunnyvale, CA
Destination : Sunnyvale, CA

No Photo Anonymous
April 16, 2014


They got it done

It worked out fine, they got it done, they did what they needed to do, and nothing was broken. I didnt have any issues with the customer service or with the crew members. I had everything already packed so all they really had to do was move the stuff. I would recommend them to friends and family and the pricing was reasonable for the move, it wasn't that big of a move so it was good.

Origin : CA
Destination : CA

No Photo Bijan
April 10, 2014


"Crew members were good and friendly"

"I can refer people to this company not a problem, but to be caution on the price at least."

Origin : Mormon Island, CA
Destination : San Jose, CA

No Photo Glenn
November 25, 2013


Organized and professional service

They were excellent. When they came up to my house, they introduced themselves to me and the man in-charge introduced himself as well. He went over the paperwork and other formalities and I just thought it was professional and that they were pretty well organized. The price was very reasonable and if I knew anyone moving, I would definitely recommend them. I also did receive all the services that I requested.

Origin : Stockton, CA
Destination : Lodi, CA

No Photo Carlton
November 30, 2012


Terrible customer service

I recently moved within Oakley, California with the help of this company. It was a terrible experience with them. First of all, the movers were two hours late for the move and the guy named Roman in the main office initially quoted me $700, and they ended up charging me $1,700 to move me. They didn't give me my furniture until I paid $1,700. It was pretty much held hostage. I had to pay the $1,700 to get my furniture.

Origin : Oakley, CA
Destination : Oakley, CA

No Photo Ken
October 24, 2012


Terrible experience

When I talked to the representative of the company, he said the charges would be basic. Once they came here, they kept adding on charges like for wrapping and moving blankets. Initially it was estimated for $500 for four hours of moving but when they left we had to shell out $1,100.

Origin : Elk Grove, CA
Destination : Sacramento, CA

No Photo Dominique
October 17, 2012


Really the best services I ever ...

They are an aptly named company as the movers were really the best. The courteous, friendly and efficient movers did a great job, and I would use them again. The movers were really professional and very quick in every aspect of the move. As soon as they arrived at my home, they asked me from where to start the work and got right to packing and wrapping our stuff, which I liked the most. The movers were not only fast, but also careful with my stuff. Apart from that, they charged me for the boxes as well, however I have to use them as there was nothing else I could do at that moment.

Origin : Vacaville, CA
Destination : Vacaville, CA

No Photo Jerry
September 17, 2012


Best in the moving industry

I am writing in to praise the efforts of this moving company that has moved my home. Everything went as planned. The crew was friendly and arrived on time. Their packing is very good as all my belongings arrived at the destination without any breaks or damages.

Origin : Spanish Flat, CA
Destination : Moraga, CA

No Photo Vijay
September 12, 2012


Efficient but small crew

I hired this moving company to pick-up my stuff and furniture. They sent two trucks and two guys and the guys were tired and damaged some goods at the end. But anyhow the guys did a very good job and they were very helpful. I would recommend this company if they could provide the right amount of people to do the job in a smart way.

Origin : Tracy, CA
Destination : Tracy, CA

No Photo Scott
July 22, 2012


Moving company critique

I was not happy with this company and would not use them again. The night before the scheduled move I was called by the Supervisor of the move and told they would be there in the afternoon. Despite the fact that I had specifically contracted for a morning move. They eventually did the move at 10 am but the supervisor acted as if he had to do a lot of shuffling to accommodate me and he was doing me a favor. Secondly I was not impressed with the fact that they showed up with a rented truck. I know a truck is a truck but I would expect a reputable company to own their trucks. Third, they moved like snails. On my previous move the movers were like ants. They got me into a third floor walk-up in 4 hours.This company took five hours to move to a second floor walk-up. The drive was less than 30 mins.Everything was packed and ready to go. Fourth I discovered a broken computer desk that the supervisor proudly claimed he had "taken apart". It was broken and I could not use it. Granted it was a cheap item and did not fit my space I was planning on replacing anyway, but still. Last and not least. I was asked by the supervisor if I wouldn't mind stopping and getting the crew 4 plain hamburgers. Nothing about drinks or fries. These guys are working hard and he's feeding them 1 hamburger. He gives me $20. I'm moving to an unfamiliar area so I have to search for a place. I can't find a burger joint so I end up at subway. I had to call him with a menu. Total cost $40 minus my meal.

Origin : Ladera Ranch, CA
Destination : Irvine, CA

Quoted Price : $500.00
Actual Price : $760.00

No Photo Dan
March 11, 2012


Very good job.

The crew showed up as planned and took extra time to make sure everything was protected. They did run out of blankets; but to be fair they didn't realize we had very "high end" furniture; so when it got towards the end of things, they could have used a few more blankets but they were able to improvise. The quoted price also went up as we added more items at the end that weren't taken into account on the initial bid.

Origin : Aptos, CA
Destination : Santa Clara, CA

Quoted Price : $1,150.00
Actual Price : $1,450.00

No Photo Don
July 10, 2011


Competent, but watch out for wrapping ...

Movers were fine and efficient, but I didn't anticipate all the charges for wrapping large furniture...don't just count hourly rate into expected cost but add all the other charges as well.

Origin : Carmel, CA
Destination : Carmel, CA

Quoted Price : $400.00
Actual Price : $780.00

We are a family- owned and controlled company serving the people of California and the neighbors in their relocation. We provide excellent service in handling the goods, local, and long distance moving. The incomparable dedication from our founder and the cultivated work ethics in our staffs has built our company towards a strong reputation among the people. For the past decade we took projects to shift apartments, office, households, and commercials were in numbers of thousand. We know the importance of the goods which you handed over to us and will be transported with great care. Starting from the glassware to business documents, we pack everything carefully with our state- of- art equipments. We make you sure that your entire goods are least exposed to damage during the travel.

We begin everything from the moment you book us for the move, starting with an on-site estimation done by our experts. You will face no surprise in the fares further since our charges are more accurate compared to the others. We provide a copy of the estimation for free of cost. It includes every detail of the transport with complete transparency. Our services will be very much affordable and depending on the demand we provide you the storage facility of different types, like self- storage, container, palletized etc. We guarantee safety since we avail the recent security system in our storehouse. Your goods will be monitored round the clock, and the status will be provided to the customer when needed. Feel free to contact us for further clarifications.

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