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StarCity Moving 
80% Recommended

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License Info.:NJ PM #: 00102600
Year of Estd.:2/9/2009
StarCity Moving
123 Town Square Place, Suite 654
Jersey City, NJ 07302
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Toll Free: 877-286-8818
Phone: 201-340-2474
Fax: 201-402-1071
Url: http://www.starcitymoving.com

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Overall I had a very good experience.
It was fine, it was good. Everything went well. Price was fine. They were dependable and they did a good job ... Got everything in, very sociable.

Reviewed on: 11/16/2015

  • Origin : Lodi, NJ
    Destination : Boonton Township, NJ

I would hire them again
They were arrived on time, they were efficient, very pleasant. No damage. I would hire them again.

Reviewed on: 10/12/2015

  • Origin : Beacon, NY
    Destination : Brooklyn, NY

They performed my move well.
It was pretty simple and straightforward ... They did it well. ...It's not too costly, it's not too cheap.

Reviewed on: 9/25/2015

  • Origin : Hack, NJ
    Destination : Hack, NJ

They were cheaper than everyone but I ...
They were on time, they were courteous, they were professional, they were clean, you know, they took care of everything, they were careful, I have no complaints. They actually worked very late and there was no additional charge.

Reviewed on: 6/17/2015

  • Origin : New Windsor, NY
    Destination : New Windsor, NY

This was the worst moving experience of my life, and I'm a military brat with 30+ moves under my belt. I truly believe they pay review companies to post positive reviews, because their service can't possibly be so much better for other "real" customers. Packers were supposed to arrive at 3 pm. They finally told me at 7:30 pm that they weren't coming at all that day. This after lying to me several times telling me, "The truck is on its way." The packers should have arrived at 8 am next day, but didn't show until 10 am. The movers didn't show up until 3 pm, so it was close to 6 pm when we finally left for the new apartment. When we arrived at 9 pm at the new apartment the Coop President came to our door to say it's too late to move in. Dean Lester (owner of Starcity Moving) couldn't understand that this was a Coop President and not a sleazy small time Super looking for cash. He told me this was all my problem, and I better go find the "super and do WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO to convince him". The movers were complaining it was their 3rd job of the day and threatened to walk off. They agreed to finish the move in the morning if we paid for their hotel. We agreed to the hotel, but when they called Dean Lester he told them he wanted the trucks for a more important job in the morning. Dean Lester told them to empty the truck regardless of where they left the contents. The Coop President had gone to bed, so we tried to move as quietly as possible. There were 2 written complaints against us, which is enough to prevent the owner from renewing our lease a year from now. The movers couldn't look me in the eye as they told me, "Dean said to tell you he'll send another crew in the morning to assemble your beds and other furniture. He said to tell you he's going to make good on finishing this job." I called Dean Lester in the morning, but he has never returned the call. There was substantial broken glass (pictures and kitchen glass), scratched furniture, gouged picture frames, broken doors on TV cabinet, lost keys to filing cabinet (full of important papers), etc. DO NOT USE STARCITY MOVING.

Reviewed on: 7/14/2014

  • Origin : Jersey City, NJ
    Destination : Kingston, NY
  • Quoted Price : $2,700.00
    Actual Price : $2,700.00

Ruined Leather Sofa/Won't Pay Judgment
StarCity claimed that they could disassemble and reassemble oversized leather furniture. On moving day, only the supervisor spoke English. I wasn't concerned at first because everything seemed to be going fine. When it was time to move the sofa, I made sure that explained AGAIN to the supervisor that the sofa had to be disassembled in order to move it because it would not fit in the door. He said he understood and I left him and his two crew members in what I thought was a discussion on how to take care of the task. By this time, more than half my furniture was on an open truck downstairs. At this point, I decided to go down and watch the truck while I waited for them to bring down my sofa. It was taking so long that I went back to the apartment only to find that my sofa was wedged in the doorway and that no one attempted to disassemble it and they finally had to admit that they DID NOT know how. I later realized that they ruined my leather sofa because they left so quickly after everything was delivered. I contacted StarCity and sent them photos of the damages. They would not return my calls to discuss repairs. I ended up suing them and won. Now they won't pay the judgment.

Reviewed on: 7/2/2012

  • Origin : New Jersey
    Destination : New Jersey
  • Quoted Price : $850.00
    Actual Price : $850.00

Highly Recommended
We were moving within the Jersey City a couple months ago and didn't plan very well, so we called many different places to see whether they can take care of us. Almost all the major NJ moving companies were able to accommodate us, but it seemed like most of them gave us high estimates because they sensed our desperation. However, Starcity seemed really honest and gave us a fair flat rate estimate, so we went with them. They helped us plan our move and told us how we should pack up our stuff. On the day of the move, they showed up right on time and worked really hard and moved very fast. They dropped off all of our heavy items, including a super heavy desk, and boxes efficiently. Nothing was damaged and they finished moving very fast. I've had bad experiences where movers moved very slowly, but Starcity was the opposite. They were professional and did a great job!! Highly recommended.

Reviewed on: 1/4/2012


Spectacular Moving Company
Spectacular. I had piled my stuff into my living room so it would be ready to go when the movers arrived. After meeting them outside (prompt arrival) I ran upstairs to get something I forgot, ran downstairs, and, to my surprise, the StarCity moving team had already managed to empty my living room. Seriously, Speedy Gonzalez meets Monk and you have StarCity Moving. Extraordinarily neat, efficient, strong as goddamn, and seriously professional. And major props for hauling my queen futon mattress up four floors. I remember moving that mattress by myself across my living room one time, and I cried like a baby. I will recommend starcity moving to all my friends.

Reviewed on: 1/4/2012


Fantastic Experience
I had a fantastic experience with StarCity. The guys were very professional, took amazing care of all my items, were efficient, honest and friendly. Julio, the team lead, was pure pleasure to work with! A couple of highlights worth mentioning: - One Saturday night I wanted to check my order with the company and clicked on the link in their email. I read through it and had some questions. Imagine this: Dean, the owner, called me within minutes as if reading my thoughts! Apparently, he gets a page when a customer accesses the order and calls the customer in case there are questions. Is this amazing or what?? - The next day after the move, Dean called me to ask how things went and mentioned that after reviewing the bill, he thought he could give me a bit more discount - totally unsolicited. That's great service for you! I highly recommend this outfit - totally reliable, professional and pain-free, with amazing care to boot!

Reviewed on: 1/4/2012


As stress free as you can ask for
Starcity Moving was prompt, friendly, hard-working and efficient movers. We had 3 guys show up at our 2BR apartment and they took excellent care of our furniture. When we arrived at our new place they moved all our stuff up 4 flights of stairs with nothing but courtesy, respect for the other tenants and our furniture. The entire time I never had to question the rate because they provided us with a flat not to exceed pricel. And even though they were very efficient and speedy movers we didn't have any damaged items. They were professional and polite and just all around awesome. Next time we move we'll definitely be using them.

Reviewed on: 5/11/2011

  • Origin : Jersey City, NJ
    Destination : New York, NY
  • Quoted Price : $700.00
    Actual Price : $700.00

StarCity is a leading Nj moving company based in Jersey City. We're one of the only New Jersey Movers to offer reliable relocation binding flat rates.

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