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Accuracy of Estimate 3.6
Moving Services 3.4
Packing Services 5.0
Professionalism 3.0

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License Info: US DOT # 1934953
ICC MC # 896731
Year of Estd: 1/1/2014

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Two Way Relocation Inc
18350 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami GardensFL 33169 USA

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Toll Free: 866-852-3107
Phone: 866-852-3107
Fax: 888-400-0230

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No Photo Maia
January 14, 2022



This is a review of not so much Two Way Relocation as it is of their truly MAGNIFICENT lead mover, the One, the Only, the INCREDIBLE Leonville Silfrain. He went infinitely beyond what was expected or required and it's all because of one amazing thing: HE ACTUALLY REALLY CARES!!! This was a big move, all the way from Vegas to Upstate NY, but Leon made sure that my possessions were treated with respect and responsibility every inch of the way. He worked non-stop and made sure his crew did, as well. Omg...HE EVEN BROUGHT WATERMELON!!! Leon stayed in touch all through the move and put himself on the line when I delayed my arrival so that I could be with my kids in Vegas for Mother's Day. This is a man with a very big heart as well as being a consummate professional. And yes, there was a big discrepancy between what I was quoted and what was charged, but that's because it was an over-the-phone quote via a broker, which is actually fairly worthless. I have complete faith that what Leon quoted me when he was there in person was accurate. I don't think this man could be deceptive if his life depended on it! There were a few things broken in the move (which was all the way across country,) but Leon reimbursed me for them immediately, which was pretty amazing. He unloaded everything with help from a local crew just as carefully and quickly as he had at the beginning in Vegas...seriously, if the world of Moving was populated by Leons, there would never be a single complaint! Two Way Relocation is BLESSED to have such a magnificent employee and I hope that they give him an enormous raise, a crown, and a pony, because he richly deserves to be celebrated. THANK YOU, LEON-you are truly the BEST!!!

Origin : Las Vegas, NV
Destination : Little Falls, NY

Quoted Price : $3,000.00
Actual Price : $7,000.00

No Photo Amber
March 1, 2016


It was okay. Not great.

They just kept trying to charge me for every little thing even though it was on the contract, they kept trying to sneak charges into my moving. ...I had to get very aggressive for them to stop trying to play games with the price.

Origin : Naples, FL
Destination : Hampton, VA

No Photo Prasant
February 24, 2016


Most of the things were broken!

They made a lot of false promises when grabbing the order and getting the advance payment. The move happened, and they were asking for too much money the day of the move. This was supposed to be a pack and go type of thing. When the guys turned up for the day of the move, they told me that they're gonna charge us for packing. That's when we basically started having the problems...after that I kept on calling them for three weeks. They were completely unapproachable. I had no idea where my stuff was and when it would be delivered. I had to call the police to get to them.

Origin : Prospect, KY
Destination : Princeton, NJ

No Photo Tess
January 8, 2016


Delivery took a bit longer than ...

It was picked up in a timely fashion, it just took longer than expected to be delivered. Once my things were delivered, it was delivered in a way that i was happy with.

Origin : Orange City, FL
Destination : Baldwin, NY

No Photo Sarah
October 28, 2015


Great Company!

the movers were professional, was in contact with Roger and Tina they help with all the Trouble i went through with my previous company, the movers arrive on around 3 pm they were done around 8 pm They charge me extra for the stairs.. the delivery was smooth .Cant complain.

Origin : Atlanta Ga
Destination : miami fl

Quoted Price : $2,575.00
Actual Price : $2,575.00

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