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HackBusters - Getting Moving Help From Friends

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Welcome to our brand new web-series here on Movers.com called HackBusters. In each episode we will take a common or not-so-common moving hack, tip or trick and put it to the test.

If the hack fails, we recommend a similar alternative to get the job done. If the hack is a success, well, you might want to consider implementing it when moving time rolls around.

In episode one (see above) we take a look at a well-loved "hack," asking your friends to help you move. Is it worth it to pay your friends in pizza and beer in exchange for moving assistance, or should you hire professionals?

Pros of friends helping you move

  • It's cheaper than hiring a moving company
  • If they take unwanted belongings off your hands, it saves you a trip to donate or trash them
  • Friends are more likely to care about the things they are moving
  • If you've helped them move, they're more likely to help you

Cons of friends helping you move

  • Alcohol and moving do not go together
  • Friends are not professional movers and may damage your belongings
  • They often lengthen the moving process due to lack of experience
  • Unskilled friends won't be aware of proper packing and moving procedures
  • You will probably still have to rent a truck
  • Reciprocation is key--when you ask a friend to move they will expect you to help them move in the future
  • If things go badly, it could cost you your friendship

HackBusters findings

Our conclusion? This hack is busted. Hire professional moving companies to get the job done, ultimately saving yourself time and hard-earned friendships. All you have to do to find movers in your area is fill out a free quote form, ensuring your friendships stay intact.

Have a moving hack, tip or trick you’d like us to try out for you? Send an email to moversteam [at] movers [dot] com outlining your idea and we may feature it on a future episode of HackBusters!

Cassandra Rose  Posted by Cassandra Rose on January 22, 2015

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