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How to Pack an Air Conditioner

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To pack an air conditioner, you might think all you have to do is toss it in a box and seal it up, but you'd be wrong. While the packing itself might not be very detailed, there are steps you should take to make sure that once your A/C is packed, it arrives in your new home in the best possible working condition.

How to Pack an Air Conditioner

Keep reading for more information on how to pack an air conditioner for your move.

Cleaning the air conditioner

Before packing the air conditioner, you should clean it. Not only will cleaning it ensure that it works properly when you plug it into your new home, but it will help keep anything else you're moving it with clean. While you should be cleaning your air conditioner on a regular basis, if it's been some time since your last cleaning session, simply follow these steps to clean it before you move:

  • Disconnect the power to your a/c unit. If it's directly wired, then switch off the circuit breaker. Once the power is disconnected, discharge the capacitor (the device holding extra charge to turn on the motor) by following the manufacturer's directions. This way, you can make sure that there is no charge in the appliance when you begin to clean it.
  • Clean the outside cover - Wipe the outer portion of the window with a wet cloth to remove as much dirt as possible. This will prevent dirt from falling inside the unit when you remove the cover.
  • Remove the front cover. Some covers can be removed easily while others have to be unscrewed. If you need to unscrew the front cover, be sure to keep the screws in a safe place so they don't get lost. If your air conditioner has a metal grill, be careful handling the sharp edges.
  • Clean the filter. If the air conditioner has a reusable filter, remove it and place it in a bucket (you may also use a sink or a bathtub) filled halfway with warm, soapy water. Squish the filter around to remove the dirt and use a soft brush to remove any remaining dust. Allow the filter to dry completely before you put it back inside the unit, as a wet filter is more prone to mold and dust.
  • Vacuum the interior portion. Vacuum any dust and dirt out of the sides and bottom of the unit. A damp rag can be used to remove any remaining dirt.
  • Reassemble all the parts of the air conditioner after making sure that all components are completely dry. Then reconnect the power to test it, and clean up any dust that may come out when it's restarted.

Packing the air conditioner

Once your air conditioner is clean and dry, you're ready to pack it up for moving. Follow the steps explained below to pack up your A/C unit without any problems:

  • Shut off your air conditioner and unplug it with enough time to allow it to cool down completely and the coils to dry off.
  • Carefully lift the air conditioner out of the window and close any side panels that may be attached.
  • Tape the power cord to the side of the a/c unit. DO NOT tape the cord to the back of the unit where the coils are.
  • Pack the unit in its original box if you still have it. If you don't have the box, use another appliance box that is well padded with newspaper. Styrofoam peanuts aren't recommended for packing the air conditioner because they could make their way inside the unit, causing issues later.
  • Tape up the box, label it, and take care when loading it onto the truck.

When you arrive at your new home, your air conditioner will be clean and ready for use.

Ana M. Ferrer  Posted by Ana M. Ferrer on July 7, 2014

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