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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Budget Moving Truck?

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If you are planning to move across town and looking for cheap truck rental services, then budget would be the most economical truck rental options among other companies like u-haul and penske.

Cost to Rent a Budget Moving Truck

Budget offers unlimited mileage on long-distance moves and a host of deals and discounts to their customers. Just by going to their Deals tab, you will see different discounts and coupon codes for military personnel, AARP Members, policemen, firemen, EMTs, students, lawyers and seasonal promotions.

How much does it actually cost to rent a budget moving truck?

Budget's base rates are cheaper than other companies, but it doesn't mean that it's the cheapest moving truck rental overall. In fact, their moving truck rental price may vary depending on the truck size, distance you'll need to travel and the gas fuel. These variables can cause your final price to go up.

Use the below formula to calculate the cost for your budget moving truck rental.

Truck + Mileage + Add-ons + Liability + Gas refill + Fees/taxes = Final total

For example, we'll use the data for a long distance move cross country from new york city to california.

Your options for this move:

Features 12' truck 16' truck 26' truck
Price (per trip)* $2,870 $2,870 $4,500
Rooms 1-2 3-4 5-8
Seats 2 3 3
Clearance 9' 11'6" 13'6"
Interior length 12' 15'7" 26'
Interior width 7'5" 7'5" 9'1"
Interior height 6'7" 6'5" 8'8"
Towing capability Yes Yes Yes
Loading ramp No Yes Yes

* Price is not guaranteed and can always go up due to a variety of factors such as gas, mileage and damages.

Did you know...?
Unlimited mileage is included for one-way rentals (long distance moves). For local moves, the customer will be charged $.70 per mile.

Does budget truck rental offer anything else with the truck?

On top of providing the actual trucks for your move, they also offer a number of moving accessories to help make your move smoother:

  • Hand truck rental : Hand trucks are a great way to move heavy objects like appliances. They can move 6-7 boxes and come with straps to hold them down. They are available when renting any truck or van.
  • PlatePass : This is an automated toll payment that enables customers to use toll gated lanes, cashless toll collection lanes or all-electronic toll roads and bridges. Although you don't have to purchase this, you are automatically charged if you go through cashless toll collection lanes. If you're looking to save some money, avoid toll roads!
  • Furniture pads and moving pads : You don't want your things moving around too much in the truck, so Budget moving truck rental offers furniture and moving pads to protect your belongings and delicate items from scratches during transit. They are essentially 3' x 5' quilted pads, usually rented as a pack of 12. These pads also come available when renting any truck or van.

What kind of protection does Budget offer?

Budget moving truck rental does provides a complete protection package for any customers who are looking for extensive protection for their rental. This complete package comes with the following:

  • Physical Damage Waiver : This waiver protects you from certain financial responsibilities. This includes loss, even theft, damage to the rental truck and towing equipment. They offer two damage waivers:
    • Physical Damage Waiver, $0 responsibility for any loss or damage
    • Limited damage waiver, responsible for the first $500 of loss or damage
    • Curbing the tires is excluded from the waivers
  • Supplemental liability : This protects the renter against bodily injury and property damage claims made by others in a covered accident with their rental.
  • Personal accident & cargo: This only provides protection if renter or passengers are injured, or if renter's household cargo is damaged.
  • Roadside Safety Net/Roadside Assistance : Roadside assistance is available 24/7 and will service in case of events like flat tire, tire replacement, lockout, and fuel delivery.

Frequently asked questions

No one wants to go to do business without understanding of what's going on. The following frequently asked questions helps you understand Budget's truck rental process. If your question isn't answered here, please check our guide 10 Questions to Ask a Truck Rental Company and find out your answer.

  • Do I need a credit card to hold my reservation? Yes, you will need a credit to hold your reservations. It is important to remember that the same credit card will be used to secure a deposit for the truck if there is any damage. You can cancel within 48 hours in advance of your designated pick up time without penalty.
  • What if I have my own truck and only need the equipment? Budget Truck towing equipment can only be rented with one of their truck rentals.
  • Can I get the truck dropped off at my house? Although convenient, no. Budget Truck Rental offers a pick-up service for people in need of transportation to get to their rental facility.
  • What happens if I forget to pick up the truck? Budget charges a $50 No Show Fee for any reservation that fails to result in an open rental agreement within 24 hours after the proposed pick up time. If you do not contact Budget in this time frame, the card on file will automatically be charged.
  • What happens if I return the truck late? For local rentals, if you return the truck after the contracted return date, then you will be subjected to an additional day at 100 percent of the going daily rate as well as 100 percent of the daily rate for any additional products and accessories that you purchased. For one-way rentals, you'll be charged $ 100 per day and $1.00 per mile.

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