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Are dogs or cats more likely to adjust to a new environment quickly?

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March 3, 2013 under Moving Companies

Answered by Robert Moreschi

March 4, 2013

As it turns out, we're not the only ones who have trouble adjusting to a new home after moving -- our beloved pets do too! While it can be scary for just about anyone to move to a new and strange place, imagine how our pets ust feel, especially since they can't even talk or communicate their feelings or anxiety or uncertainty, they simply have to adjust and cope with the change in their own ways. 

While there are many differences between cats and dogs, when it comes to moving and changing homes, one is not more likely to adjust to a new environment more quickly than the other. In fact, how quickly a dog or cat adjusts to its new environment is based more on different factors relative to the specific animal, like for example the animal's temperament -- whether it is an outgoing, friendly animal, or whether it is more shy and reserved -- and the animal's age.

For example, more outgoing pets are likely to adjust to their environments a lot quicker than shy and reserved pets, as they are more likely to be apprehensive about the moving situation and will withdraw a little after the move. You have to make sure to ease the animal into its transition by maintaining its same routines and eating schedules and get it accustomed to the new place by letting it explore and taking it for walks around the neighborhood.

To read more about helping your pets adjust to a new environment after your move, you can visit our extensive moving guides collection, where you'll find more guides on this topic, as well as hundreds of other moving topics.  

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