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Do furniture sliders work on carpet?

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December 31, 2020 under Others

Let us explore the way in which furniture sliders can be used to move heavy furniture on the carpet.

Answered by Staff Writer

December 10, 2021

furniture sliders on carpetIf you are worried about moving your furniture from one place to another on a moving day, buying a furniture slider will serve your purpose. You can easily move items two to three-time heavier than you without much effort.

What are furniture sliders?

As the name suggests, a furniture slider is protective pad that will help you to move your furniture. Just place the sliders under the legs of your bed, sofa, dining table, wardrobe, refrigerator, or other weighty items and move it in the direction you need to go.

It doesn't matter if you are planning to redecorate your house or move to a new house, a furniture slider will help you accomplish it without much effort.

Furniture Sliders for Carpet

A furniture slider can be found in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Few other key features will include the type of surface it will be moved on.

If you are wondering, how to move furniture sliders on the carpet, most likely you will have to buy a slider with a plastic bottom. In case, your furniture slider is just for moving, consider purchasing the non-stick option as you might want to use it again. Alternatively, if are looking for long-lasting protection of furniture, you will need the screw or self-stick option. You can place the slider on the base of the furniture leg and protect it from damages.

Other than plastic furniture sliders, metal sliders serve the best for moving heavy furniture on the carpet. Since it has nickel plating, it provides an effortless slide for moving furniture on the carpet. A metal glide is insulated with rubber that gives a better cushion.

In case your home has both wood and carpet, you can choose big sliders. Also, furred socks are available for plastic furniture sliders as this might help you move your furniture on the hard floor as well.

Where to buy the furniture sliders?

You can buy the furniture moving sliders for carpet from Furniture sliders for hardwood, furniture sliders for carpet surfaces, tile surfaces, all would be available. You just need to choose the right one, if you want to protect your floors.

Best furniture sliders to move furniture on carpets

  • X-Protector- This is made up of durable and hefty plastic. You can put the discs below the legs of a couch and move them easily on the carpet. The diameter is 3.5 inches and can be reused several times. X-protector is one of the best-rated furniture sliders in the market.
  • Smart Surface 8295- With the use of this furniture slider, you can move any furniture on the carpet. But ensure to place it correctly as you might want to enjoy a smooth move. Adjust these sliders on the four edges of the furniture. Also, this can be a good example of permanent sliders for carpets.

Smart surface 8295 is ideal for moving gym equipment, dryer, washer, or any item from medium to a hefty weight.

  • Super Sliders 4704095N- Due to their oblong shape, super sliders can be ideal for moving recliners that has no feet or furniture with larger feet. The sticker on them is long-lasting, so, you can reuse them easily. Also, you can wash or clean this model, if it gets dirty. Consider moving heavy items like bookcases, desks, or metal stands using this furniture slider.
  • Allstar Innovation Moves- If you are looking for furniture sliders with lifters, this agile invention can be a good choice. With the lifter, you can easily raise your furniture and fix the sliders to their edge. The glider is sticky, and it will not get removed until you do it by yourself. You can easily move furniture around the carpet with this tool and clean it when it gets dirty.
  • Evelots furniture lifter- This furniture slider comes with a lifter and can firmly elevate your furniture up to 2.5 inches from the ground.
  • Super sliders 4922895N- This is a miscellaneous pack that comes with a slider both for carpets as well as a hardwood floor. If there is a need to move a particular piece of furniture frequently, you can leave it intact on the sliders. You can leave it fixed on a king-size bed or even a dresser.
  • Flerise furniture moving kit- It comes with a pack of two sliders, one for moving around the carpeted floor and the other for moving around the hard floor. The slider will keep your furniture fixed and help you move your furniture smoothly on the carpet. Also, it will prevent your furniture from any kind of damages.

DIY Furniture Sliders

Let us explore below the alternatives which you can use instead of heavy furniture sliders.

  • If you want to move your furniture around the carpet, place a smooth cardboard piece below the legs of the furniture.
  • Alternatively, in the case of sliders for hardwood floors, put a dish towel below the furniture and enjoy a smooth move.

How will you make chair legs glide on a carpet?

Let's understand the correct way to use a furniture glider through the example below.

  • Turn over the chair- Turn the chair upside down so that the base of its legs points towards the ceiling. Also, ensure to measure the base dimensions of the chair legs.
  • Purchase chair slides- You need to buy self-sticking furniture slides that fit the base of your chair legs. Ensure, to purchase a furniture glide for carpet and not for any hard surface.
  • Clean the base of your chair legs- Make use of a degreaser as well as an all-purpose cleaner to wipe the base of your chair legs. If you do so, you can be sure that the gum sticks to the chair legs. Let the chair legs dry properly.
  • Place the sticker on the slider- Consider, taking out the sticker from the furniture slider and holding down the sticky side of the slider to the base of the chair legs.
  • Make normal use of the chair- Place the chair upside down as you might want the chair legs to be placed flat on the ground. Pull the weighty furniture through the lifter and place the long-lasting sliders below it. It can be a great choice if you want to move a heavy sofa on the carpeted floors.

There are various types of furniture sliders available in the market. But consider choosing an appropriate model, since you don't want to damage your furniture or even the floor.

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