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Do you have any jobs for car drivers.

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Asked by Lonnie

October 22, 2015 under Others

I like to drive cars to places and bring one back.

Answered by Ryan Hussey

October 22, 2015
Hi Lonnie, and thank you for your question!

Auto transport

Unfortunately, we do not have any jobs for car drivers at However, we do have plenty of moving companies who specialize in auto transport. Feel free to check out our website and search for auto transport companies in your area that are looking for drivers. You can also search online for companies who are seeking drivers for their "drive-away" programs.

When people move long-distance, they sometimes need someone to get their car from their old home to their destination. Auto transport companies will often hire drivers to do the job, placing restrictions on the length of the trip, as well as the route that can be taken. If this sounds like an interesting option, you can research "drive-away cars" as well.

Best of luck with everything, Lonnie!
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